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there would be no problem with this == == The inductive circuit has a 'lagging' power factor. If you over-compensate with too much capacitive reactance, you could go over the top (past 1.0) , and end up with a leading power factor that may even be numerically worse than when you started.

== == == ==

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Q: What happens if you overcompensate with 20mF capacitor for the inductive circuit instead of 10mF capacitor which already satisfy the power factor to reach 0.95?
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Why do we use inductive filter than capacitor?

An inductive filter is in fact an LC circuit in which an inductor is connected in series with the capacitor. This arrangement is also known as a low-pass filter.

How does capacitor in the circuit reduces the noise?

A capacitor in a circuit reduces noise because a capacitor resists a change in voltage. In combination with resistive and inductive components, even parasitic ones, a capacitor in parallel with a signal or voltage line represents a low pass filter.

Why does the bypass capacitor decrease the input impedance?

because the current in a capacitive circuit leads voltage and current in an inductive circuit lags voltage. Capacitive reactance cancels out inductive reactance which is caused by motors and transformers.

What is the formula for inductive reactance in a circuit with a capacitor inductor and a resistor in a AC circuit?

What you are really looking for is total impedance not just inductive reactance. It will be different depending on how the 3 components are connected and which nodes you connect to.Consult your textbook.

Is capacitor a part of integrated circuit?

A small capacitor can be part of an integrated circuit.

What effect does a capacitor have on an ac voltage?

A mnemonic that was taught in electrical school many years ago is ELI the ICEman. In an inductive circuit, the current through the inductor lags the voltage (E) (L) inductor (I) current.In a capacitive circuit, the voltage through the capacitor lags the current (I) (C)capacitor (E) voltage.See related links below.

What is the impact of removing a faulty capacitor from a fluorescent light?

There's no effect since the capacitor was already faulty i.e it was like not in the circuit. Install a healthy capacitor because it will improve the power factor of the fluorescent lamp circuit thus reducing energy wasted.

Difference between capacitive circuit and inductive circuit?

A capacitive circuit will more readily pass an AC current, while an inductive circuit will pass a DC current.

What is the inductive circuits?

Inductors and capacitors are called reactive elements in electric circuits.these reactive elements also offer resistance in the circuit termed as reactancefor inductor it is wL (-j)for capacitor i is 1/wC (j)where L,C and w are inductance , capacitance and frequency of the AC source respectivelywhen clubbed with resistance the the resultant of the resistance and reactance gives us the impedance of a circuitif the impeadence(R=0) of the circuit is of inductor only then these are called as purely inductive circuitsif the impedence of the circuit is dominated by inductor ( wL > 1/wC ) even though the circuit has resistance and capacitor then these circuits are called inductive circuits

What happens to the current in a circuit as a capacitor charges?

What happens to the current in a circuit as a capacitor charges depends on the circuit. As a capacitor charges, the voltage drop across it increases. In a typical circuit with a constant voltage source and a resistor charging the capacitor, then the current in the circuit will decrease logarithmically over time as the capacitor charges, with the end result that the current is zero, and the voltage across the capacitor is the same as the voltage source.

A circuit with a lagging current means the circuit is?

Inductive. Voltage (E) leads current (I) in an inductive (L) circuit and current (I) leads voltage (E) in a capacitive (C) circuit. (ELI the ICEman)

Effect of shorting out the capacitor in a clamping circuit?

Any circuit using a capacitor will not work if the cap is short-circuited.

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