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What happens if you unknowingly bought a car that had a loan on it and the loan is not paid off can they repossess the car?


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2004-07-17 03:33:32
2004-07-17 03:33:32

YES, they can. The person who sold the car can be charged with selling mortaged property(felony in most states).You will be out your money. best to take the car back to the seller and get your money back while you have a chance.


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The repossess the car, can get a judgment against you and your credit is badly damaged.

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If there are no assets in the estate the lender is out of luck as to having the loan paid off, however, it can repossess the automobile.

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i bought a car and the previous owner never paidthe loan off now thereis a company wanting to repossess thecar from me what can l do

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Yes they can repossess everything that you got a loan for.

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