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What happens if your car is repossessed after you file bankruptcy without a court order?

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Karen, it is possible to do so legally. You should ask your B/K attorney if it was legal the way it was done. S/he is in a btter position to know ALL the facts. Within days of filing the BK, your finance company should have received notice that you filed for BK protection. If they wanted the vehicle, they should have filed a Motion to Lift the Automatic Stay. It is up to the BK court to grant or deny the Lift of the Automatic Stay. If they didn't, then they cannot legally repossess the vehicle. If they did, they have every right to repossess the vehicle. Consult your attorney immediately.

2004-06-14 16:33:17
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What happens if the bankruptcy is denied?

You will have to satisfy your creditors without the protection of the court.

What happens if you are in chapter 13 and your car gets repossessed?

If neither the lender or the repossession company is notified that you have filed, and they proceed in good faith, your car can be repossessed. If either knowingly violated the stay, you may be able to redeem the vehicle, and the bankruptcy court may fine the agencies who acted in violation.

When a company files bankruptcy what happens to the union contracts?

They can be changed by the Court.

Can a dealer sell you a car without court approval when you are in bankruptcy?


How will bankruptcy affect the sale of real estate property?

No property can be sold, transferred, refinanced, etc. while in bankruptcy without the permission of the bankruptcy court.

What federal court hears cases involving federal bankruptcy court?

Federal Bankruptcy Court hears bankruptcy cases.

Can a creditor seize your checking account after you file bankruptcy?

Not without the approval of the court

What happens to shareholders money if a company goes bankrupt?

It all depends on the proceedings in the bankruptcy court, the amount of assets to be re-organized or liquidated, what kind of bankruptcy, and the kind of stock you are talking about. No one can effectively answer this question without more specifics from you.

Can a car be repossessed if a primary buyer files bankruptcy and the co-buyer has possession of the car but falls behind on payments and the court rules that the vehicle belongs to the lendor?


If you filed bankruptcy in Illinois and have not made a car payment this month but notified the bank of the bankruptcy will the car be repossessed or will you be notified to return it?

If you are not going to reafirm the loan, in other words- keep and pay for the car, then yes the bank will want the car back. Usually they will try to get the car back shortly after your 1st court date when the court has oked your petition to go thru bankruptcy.

Would bankruptcy be tried in federal court?

Yes. The federal court system has exclusive jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases; they are heard in US Bankruptcy Court.

What happens to a bankruptcy when someone dies?

An administrator or executor of the estate needs to be appointed and file an appearance in the bankruptcy court. The case can continue to discharge of debts of the deceased. Get an experienced bankruptcy lawyer if there no attorney of record.

Will the bankruptcy court take a lawsuite settlement?

The bankruptcy court will deal with ALL your assets.

Where can one file for bankruptcy in Florida?

Bankruptcy can be filed at the Bankruptcy court for the area you are in. For instance in Northern Florida, it's the Florida Northern District Bankruptcy Court.

How do I file bankruptcy in ca?

In a FEDERAL Bankruptcy court

What branch is bankruptcy court?

Bankruptcy Court is filed in Federal District Court, however, exemptions claimed are state regulated.

Can you sell your property in bankruptcy and what happens to the funds of the sale?

Yes you can sale your home but the bankruptcy court will take the proceeds from the sale and disburse them to your creditors that you owe. No, everything except your selected exempt property belongs to the bankruptcy estate, as of the moment you file, and it can only be sold by the bankruptcy trustee, with permission of the court, to satisfy your debts in an orderly fashion.

What is a notice of bankruptcy and stay?

When a bankruptcy is filed, an "automatic stay" takes effect, essentially a prohibition against any collection action by a creditor without the court's permission. This occurs even if the creditor has no immediate notice of the filing. Any collection action taken after the filing must be undone by the creditor.If there is a proceeding in a civil court to collect the debt, the appropriate action for the debtor is to notify the court of the filing, giving the name and address of the bankruptcy court, the date of filing and the docket number of the case in the bankruptcy court. This is often called a "suggestion of bankruptcy" or notice of bankruptcy."

Can you file bankruptcy on restitution?

No you can not file bankruptcy on anything that is court ordered.CAN YOU FILE BANKRUPTCY ON RESTITUTION?

You filed bankruptcy the civil court locked your place for levy?

Unless there is a lien on the property, they are required to obtain permission from the Bankruptcy court and get in line. Bankruptcy court has authority over all other civil courts. Contact your bankruptcy lawyer for advisement.

Can bankruptcy court take taxes after dismisal?

Most taxes are not discharged in bankruptcy.If the amount of your tax liabilities is not clear, the bankruptcy court cam decide how much you owe; you need not go to tax court for that.

Does the bankruptcy court notify you when the bankruptcy is final and legally discharged?

No. The lawyer does.

Can a bankruptcy be stopped for a court ordered judgment made prior to the bankruptcy?


How may you find the date of your bankruptcy?

You can find it from the court where you filed your bankruptcy.

How can one declare corporate bankruptcy in the UK?

To be considered bankrupt, a court has to issue a bankruptcy order against you. One can apply to the court for bankruptcy if they are unable to pay their debts.