What happens if your ex wife is still using your health insurance after the divorce and you are not responsible per your agreement for her health insurance?

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Contact your insurance company and let them know IMMEDIATELY !!!! Are you paying premiums for her?
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In a marriage is the husband legally responsible to have health insurance for his wife?

A husband is not legally responsible to have health insurancefor his wife. Many employees opt not to have health insurance forthemselves. Health insurance is a voluntary election and no lawexists making it otherwise. . However, do be aware that any medical-related debts incurred by onespouse are co ( Full Answer )

Which health insurance companies insure foreigners in the US?

If you are referring to private insurance, then contact an agent, this of course assumes you are legal. Also if the company you are employed with offers group insurance then you should qualify there as well. If you are foreign visitor, seeking temporary health insurance during your stay abroad, y ( Full Answer )

How much is health insurance in US?

Answer . Health Insurance Premiums depend on your age, height/weight, health history, pre-existing conditions, and medications that you are taking. Some companies have more lenient underwriting practices than others.. Based on average information and assuming that you are generally pretty health ( Full Answer )

Can a man keep his divorced wife on his health insurance if she can not work and can not get her own due to health reasons?

You need to call the insurance company that you are currently insured through and ask them to put her on a separate policy. And then you still pay for it. You may lose the family discount, but at least she may still be insured. Answer If it is a group policy, no. Coverage would be for spouses, ( Full Answer )

What happens if you don't have health insurance?

Either you're old - in which case you can rely on Medicare (to a limited degree), or you may get some very limited help from Medicaid if you're real poor. Otherwise - you die.

Why have Health Insurance?

There are numerous reasons why individuals take out healthinsurance. They are by and large looking for significant serenity -the security of knowing they can become acquainted with the rightlevel of consideration and treatment they oblige while beingmonetarily ensured. Key advantages of health insur ( Full Answer )

How many have health insurance in US?

\n. \nIn the United States approximately 2/3 of the population has health insurance. Only about 20% of those uninsured do not qualify for private insurance. Most states have formed Health Insurance Risk Pools that will insure these individuals. Te democrats keep telling us that health insurance is ( Full Answer )

Can husband canceled health insurance on wife?

That would be pretty stupid...but probaly. yep he can My ex did they(the insurance company)said because we didn't file taxes together. LOL what a joke!!

If you and your spouse are legally separated is the wife still covered under the health insurance until which time they are divorced?

As long as the premium is being paid on any person listed on a policy, that person is still covered. If one of the persons listed on the policy moves out of the "coverage area" (like out of the state) of the policy, it is possible that person could be excluded from coverage. Check with the insurance ( Full Answer )

How do you get health insurance?

As per the healthcare department, open enrollment for healthinsurance has been over. But there are still 2 ways to get it. Ifyou qualify for a Special Enrollment Period due to a life event -like getting married, losing other coverage, or having a baby. If you qualify for Medicaid or the Children's H ( Full Answer )

What happens when you don't have health insurance?

Without some form of health insurance, you are responsible for paying each and every medical bill that you incur. This could be as little as $45.00 for a doctor's office visit or into hundreds upon thousands of hospital bills.

Can a spouse cancel your health insurance before the divorce?

I believe you are both responsible for any bills incurred (such as health care costs) until you are divorced, so in some cases it would behoove a spouse to keep coverage on the other spouse so that they don't end up responsible for a large bill in the case of an accident or serious illness. However, ( Full Answer )

If you divorce can you continue to be on the spouse's health insurance plan?

That depends on what you mean by "on" the spouse's health insurance plan. Most employer-sponsored plans, subject to Federal and/or state law, do not permit a spouse to be carried after divorce as part of the employee's family coverage. However, under Federal and most state laws, a former spouse i ( Full Answer )

Can you have health insurance?

In general, yes. However, the prospective insured must meet the underwriting guidelines of the insurer. Therefore, depending upon the state of health of the prospective insured, he/she may have difficulty obtaining health coverage. Naturally, the individual must have sufficient funds with which to ( Full Answer )

Where can you get health insurance?

Hi Most health insurance providers sell policies online. Infact buying health insurance policy online is the most convenient and rational way to purchase health insurance. When you buy online health insurance you have the liberty to compare policies of same as well as different health insurance pr ( Full Answer )

What will happen if everyone got health insurance?

Well assuming you are talking about Obamas healthcare plan. The healthcare industry would suffer a great loss. The quality of care would diminish, and you ultimately would be paying the same for worse coverage. If you decided NOT to opt for the government plan, then you would be charged for it in yo ( Full Answer )

Do you still have health insurance coverage when unemployed?

Assuming you had health insurance when you were employed, you may continue that insurance through the COBRA program by paying the applicable premium. Those premiums will be much larger than the ones you were paying while you were employed.

Can i go to college and still get health insurance?

Yes, if you are still working at the job that provides the insurance. When I was in college the health center offered a cheap student health insurance. Check and see if yours does.

I am divorced and my name is on the mortgage. My ex wife is on the deed. Who is responsible for taking care of home insurance. The ex wife resides in house?

This matter should have been addressed during your divorce proceedings when you had benefit of legal counsel. You need to review all the documents you signed when you executed your mortgage. There is probably a document that requires you to maintain insurance. If there should be a fire and the prem ( Full Answer )

ArcelorMittal US Inc health insurance?

i am retired from arcelor mittal steel co. i was a salary employee supervisor who retired in july of 2002. will i still be covered by arcelor mittal co. and will they be penalize for dropping me when i turn 62 years of age.

What if I have health insurance but no auto insurance?

The 2 types of insurance serve different purposes, although in one respect, there is some overlap. At its most basic, health insurance is intended to pay to or on behalf of the insured sums of money for medical bills incurred because of sickness or injury. Auto insurance includes several diffe ( Full Answer )

What health insurance can you get?

When you want to buy a health insurance for you and your family, it is advisable to do a home work on different aspects of health insurance. You must consider some important points to choose the right health insurance. Like you must analyze a health insurance company that has your family physician ( Full Answer )

Do health aides get health insurance?

Depends on where you are working. Most hospitals and nursing homes do offer insurance. Often you can buy additional insurance for families but it's very expensive.

Does Ohio still provide health insurance?

Yes, there are many health insurers in Ohio. In fact, Ohio health insurance rates are quite affordable compared to most other states.

Do you have to have health insurance?

Yes. 100% Yes. Anyone who asks do we need health insurance needs to read the below paragraph... . Lets say, one fine morning, you wake up and realize that you are having a pain in your chest and it might be a heart attack. You are the only earning member of the family and your wife is a house wif ( Full Answer )

Can an ex husband cover an ex wife's health insurance?

Yes, it can be covered in the divorce agreement, from what I have been told. Working in physician's offices, I've seen it on health insurance plans. Personally, I have also known women who are still covered under their ex-husband's health insurance as a part of their divorce agreement. Different ins ( Full Answer )

How do you get health insurance?

Health Insurance can be purchased physically at one of the centers of the insurance company or you could buy it online. Now a days the top most leading companies provide the health insurance plan online as it is more feasible for working people.

How you get health insurance if?

Find a health insurance broker to compare plans and costs for you. It may seem easy to find an agent who will offer you cheap health insurance. Find out how health reform will affect your benefits and your budget. .

Is health insurance bussinious insurance?

Do you mean business insurance right? No, they are collateral of each other. Health insurance can be youagainst your medical bill or treatment in the hospitals. While,Business insurance is used against fire damage, electricity sparkdamage. For this clarification you can visit Rais Insurance site ast ( Full Answer )

What is HSA Health insurance used for?

HSA Health insurance is a type of medicare that has both short and long term plans. Most elderly people have these plans to ensure that there family is financially secure.

What will health insurance do?

Your health insurance will help you financially whenever you get admitted into hospital. It will take care of your all medical bills.

Can I have the option to not use my health insurance?

Yes, you can ask the care provider to bill you and not your health insurance. You will probably have to go to great effort to do this, as all of their systems are geared to bill the insurer. If you want to make sure that the insurer does not get the bill (which would have your diagnosis and treatmen ( Full Answer )

How can you get health insurance?

Now a days there are many good insurance companies are present which offers health insurance. You can get health insurance online also. Just 3 step and you get insurance for you and your family . very less paperwork and fast services. Berkshire provide fast and affordable health insurance.

Do you have to pay for your wife's health insurance after our divorce?

There is no single answer to your question. It depends on the laws in your jurisdiction and the provisions in your separation agreement. It is common for the party with the medical insurance to cover, or be required to cover, the other party for some period of time. Many factors affect that decision ( Full Answer )

What is Medicare health insurance used for?

Medicare health insurance is used to cover the health care costs for American individuals over the age of 65. Medicare is a topic of discussion during almost every political debate.

How can one obtain individual health insurance after a divorce?

To continue individual health insurance after a divorce, one can apply for an insurance coverage under the Federal Law COBRA. It means that person will be covered by his/her ex-spouse's insurance plan obtained from the ex-spouse's own company or employer.