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I have no idea too mines banned too :(

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What happens when you sen email to someone who has blocked you?

It gets blocked.

What happens if the main vein in neck gets blocked?

You have a stroke and die!!!!

What happens if you block a number?

The number gets blocked! The number can no longer contact you in any way on the phone that you blocked the number from.

What happens when the ear canal gets blocked with ear wax?

Sometimes you can't hear.

What happens if the brachiocephalic artery gets blocked?

u can die? you can have dsyfunction to the brian, right arm...

What happens when you put a green light and a blue light together?

Nothing. The light gets blocked by the filters.

What happens to the stars during the day?

The sun gets too bright and you cant see them, but they are still there. Or they can sometimes get blocked by clouds.

What happens when you report abuse on Instagram?

Their IP address gets band then they can no longer use instantgram

When someone gets blocked on WikiAnswers does the computer get blocked or the account?

Usually it's the account, not the computer.

What happens if a letter is sent to your old address?

If no one lives there it gets sent back to whoever sends it.

What happens if a letter doesn't reach the destination addressed on the envelope and doesn't have a return address?

it gets binned

Ball that gets blocked and hits backboard whos it off?

It's off the defender who blocked the shot.

When suns light gets blocked?

It creates a shadow?

Why does WikiAnswers block you if someone has the same internet provider as you?

Because - if someone using the same IP address has broken the rules - the IP is blocked. That means unfortunately, anyone using the same ISP also gets blocked - even if they didn't do anything wrong.

How is an earthquake different from flood?

A earthquake shakes the ground and the building collapses. A flood happens when the drain gets blocked with water and water goes everywhereand ruins houses

What happens when a blood vessel gets blocked?

No blood flow, which (if the vessel is large enough - or is an only source [like coronary vessels] - results in the death of the tissues downstream.

Who gets the ball after a blocked extra point and the defense runs it back and gets 2 points?


What happens if you forget to put stamps on a letter?

Pretty sure it gets sent back to sender if you remembered your return address.

Can a computer communicate without an IP address?

Yes. There are a number of ways this can (and in fact does) happen. The most obvious happens in a DHCP request, which is a method by which a computer that does not have an IP address gets an IP address from a DHCP server.

What happened if an ARTERY near the brain is blocked?

It could possibly parlysize you, or it could kill you if you don't go and get it looked at through an MRI or CAT scan. I would recommend that whoever gets an Artery blocked in their brain should go to the hospital immediately before something bad happens. I would recommend that the person with a blocked artery don't drive.

What happens if the police take your name and address?

it gets logged on their log or in the computer to show they talked to you. If your making a report, it goes in the report

Why do you loose the sense of smell when yo have a cold?

because your nose gets blocked

What happens to proctor?

what happens to proctor he gets killed because he gets accused of which craft

What happens when the temperature in a river rises and what happens when it falls?

it gets warmer then it gets colder

Why do you get a blocked nose?

Snot protects your nose. So when you get sick, a reaction takes place. Your nose goes into overdrive creating snot and then your nose gets blocked.

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