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Can I get an insurance policy for an automobile if my license is suspended? Also the owner of the vehicle is the register owner and he has his license does this pose problem?

Depending on the circumstances of the suspension, ironically nothing may happen.

Unless someone else is avalible to drive the car who'd be covered, would you really want to spend the money to insure it during this time?

If you cancel a policy within the first six months, and there are no outstanding claims they'll usually refund the full balance put down.

Heres how it works in Ohio, every one is under the acts of insurance- you must have insurance on your auto at all times, if you cancel your insurance- the BMV is notefied. Then the BMV will Send you a "Random" Letter asking for proof of insurance (if the car has plates or your paying taxes on it then it must be insured). No insurance---they supspen your license for a year and charge you $300 in fines plus $55 to reinstate your plates and $32 for your license. Dude it just sucks.

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Q: What happens if your license is suspended or revoked shortly after purchasing a policy?
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What is the difference between a revoked license and suspended license?

Suspended = temporary Revoked = permanent

Can your drivers license get suspended if your license is already suspended?

No but your licence can be revoked; taken away.

Is NJ dwi a suspended or revoked license?

Your license is revoked for the period of time according to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd offense. If you are caught driving on the revoked after you have your license revoked for the period of time the judge ordered. After that your license is then suspended when you are serving the time over and above the revokation for driving on the revoked, and then your license is then considered suspended at that time. Usually you will receive an extra year for each driving on the revoked you are charged with. Hope this helps!

What does DWRS arrest stand for?

From what I can gather it means Driving While Revoked/Suspended, meaning the person had a suspended or revoked driver's license.

How do you find out if your license is suspended or revoked?

call your local dmv

What happens if you have more than one life and health insurance license and one of them is revoked will any other license that you have be revoked or suspended?

Why was it revoked? It's probably a question that will come up at renewal of your other license's. Was it your home state? I think out of state licenses are based on your home state license.

Why a physician license would be revoked or suspended?

single felony conviction

How many points can you get on your license in New Jersey before your license is suspended or revoked?

12 points

How many points can you get on your license in New York State before your license is suspended or revoked?


What happens when your driver's license is revoked in Florida?

If you are revoked in one state you are revoked in ALL states.

Can i drive in Washington with a California driver license?

If your California license is valid and you are not suspended or revoked in Washington, yes.

Can you get a license in Louisiana if you have a DUI in California?

If your license is suspended or revoked in California probably no. But if you just have restrictions you can probably get Louisiana license.

Why are the girls at the movie without a car?

Possibly they were grounded by the motor vehicle authorities- license suspended or revoked, it happens. violations are bad for business, as are accidents.

If you have a suspended license in California does it transfer over to Washington?

By means of an interstate agreement on motor vehicle regulations to which all states subscribe, if you are suspended or revoked in one state you are considered suspended and revoked in ALL states.

How many points can you get before your Michigan drivers license is revoked?

If you receive 12 points on your driver's license, it will be suspended

Can someone with a revoked licence buy car insurance?

There are some companies that will write a policy if you have a suspended license as long as it is not permanently revoked.

How many points can you get in Maryland before your license is suspended or revoked?

Call and ask your agent

In law enforcement what do the intinals DWLSR stand for?

Driving While License Suspended/Revoked

What is the difference between suspended and revoked driver's license?

Normally suspended means you can automatically get them back after paying the fines and fees. Revoked usually means they are gone but people use the terms interchangeably. if revoked how to go about getting them back?

DWI in Texas can get a drivers license in new york?

If your driving privileges are suspended or revoked by Texas for a DWI, this information is available to ALL state DMV's via an "interstate compact" of cooperation. Bottom line: If you're suspended or revoked in one state you are suspended or revoked in them ALL!

How long is your license revoked for child support?

Whether it's a drivers license or a professional license, the license is revoked or suspended until the past due amount including interest is paid, or the obligor and the State agree to a payment plan.

Can you get a caifornia drivers license if you have a suspended or revoked license in Alabama?

No, you cannot, until the suspension period imposed by Alabama is expired.

What is the difference between suspended and revoked?

suspended is temporary. revoked is forever.

How long do your license be suspended?

6 mos or a year usually, if longer it is usually revoked permanently.

Does a Pennsylvania drivers license suspension carry over to California?

Yes. All state's DMV's share their files with one another. If you are suspended/revoked in one state you lare suspended/revoked in them all. When applying for a "new" license they WILL check your past record.