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Read the book.

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What is the conflict of money hungry?

what is the conflict in the story money hungry

What is the plot of Beggin for Change by Sharon G. Flake?

Raspberry is now 14 and her mom almost gets killed by a girl who hit her in the head with a pipe. Raspberry's dad comes back and steals money from her, and when she saves him from going to jail for loitering; she takes him home and he steals from her again. Meanwhile, Sato and her are going out, Raspberry steals money from Zora, and Mai is acting up. In the end they get the house from Pecan Landings.This is what i got of the book ''Beggin for Change". This is a sequal to the other story by Sharon G.Flake's " Money Hungry."

The story called hungry caterpillar?

the caterpillar in this story eats different fruits everyday

What term describes where a story happens?

The setting is where a story happens.

What happens in a story is called?

The plot and sub-plots are what "happens" in a story.

The Way to Rainy Mountain includes a story of two hungry brothers who wake to find a pile of meat outside their tipi What happens to the brother who eats the meat?

He turns into a water beast.

What happens in Anton Chekhov's A Problem?

in the story a problem by Anton Chekhov the main problem was that Sasha was immature and owed money and was always borrowing money from his uncles

Is a hungry Ming is a fable?

It is a fable. Fable means that the story is about animals. For example, the story is about talking animals, that explains it.

Jennifer Lawrence chose to do the Hunger Games for the ''story'' or the ''money''?

The story.

What usually happens at the end of a story?

The simple answer is that you must read the story first because it will tell you what happens in the end. That is what a story is for.

Are external conflicts of a story part of the plot?

Everything that happens in the story is part of the plot - plot is just what you call what happens in a story.

Where does a plot come into a story?

The plot is what happens in the story. It is always there in the story.

What is the main event in a story?

An event is what happens in the story.

What do you call what happens in the story?

That is called the plot of the story

What do you call when and where the story happens?

That is called the setting of the story.

Pilandok moral lesson?

The story was all about how pilandok strategically surpass hungry crocodiles

How do you write a plot for the story with the title a hungry knight?

If this is for your own enjoyment, you need to write whatever you want and come up with a title last after you've written it!If this is some kind of assignment, think of why a knight would be hungry and what would happen if he were hungry, and pretend you're telling the story to a friend and just write what you'd say.

Where is the story happens?


What happens in the story of Tom Sawyer?

Swagg happens bro

How can a plot help you understand a story?

The plot is the story -- plot means what happens in a story.

How does plot contribute to a story?

The plot is what happens in the story -- without a plot, there's no story.

Is a story plot just as important as the major story?

The plot is the major story. A plot is just what happens in the story.

Where can plot be in a story?

The plot is what happens in the story -- it's not in one spot.

What is the meaning of the setting in the story?

setting is the time and place where the story happens

How do you make an incident story?

a incident is a story about what happened or happens to your life.