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What happens to a co-signer if the signer of the loan files bankrupt?

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The co-signor becomes responsible for the balance due on the loan.

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When primary borrower files bankrupt how is cosigner affected?

The lender can go after the co-signer. If you are the co-signer you should consult with an attorney who can review the situation and explain your position.

If one files bankruptcy and has a co-signer will if affect their credit rating?

If the account the cosigner is on is included in the bankruptcy it will appear on their credit report. In most cases the cosigner will not be relieved of the debt when the primary holder files for bankruptcy. The creditor(s) can then pursue the cosigner for the collection of money owed.

If cosigner files bankruptcy on car does it wipe out primary signer obligations?

I'm not an attorney, but I seriously doubt it. What sense would that make?

What happens if a co signer files bankruptcy?

They both go bankruptcy

If a cosigner files for bankruptcy does it put the primary signer under bankruptcy too?

No, the primary signer is still liable. But if a loan is not dischargeable, such as a student loan (actually is is extremely hard to discharge), both the primary and co-signer will STILL be liable after the bankruptcy

What if the primary borrower files bankruptcy is the cosigner still responsible for making payments on the vehicle Can the co-signer take their name off the vehicle?

A Co-signer is always responsible for the item unless the primary borrower refinances and removes the co-signer. Unfortunately if the primary borrower filed bankrupcy it doesn't seem likely they will be able to refinance. Yes. Cosigner means that if for ANY reason the main borrower cannot pay, cosigner will be responsible to pay.

If the primary files bankruptcy what happens to the co-signer?

I got a car and my sisters name was first i was the co signer and she filed bankrupcy but nothing happened still had my car...

What happens to a cosigner of a car loan when the primary loan holder files bankruptcy and the loan is discharged and they do a voluntary repossession?

They can still come after the cosigner, and it will still reflect poorly on your cosigner's credit history. You have been absolved of the debt, not your cosigner.

What if primary signer files bankruptcy?

The co-signer would then be liable.

If you are a cosigner on a vehicle and the other person gets the vehicle repossessed then files for bancruptcy what happens to the cosigner?

you are still liable for that loan. the lender may decide to not accept the bankruptcy charge and go after you for the money.

If the cosigner on a car loan files bankruptcy and they file the car also and take it what will happen to the other person credit?

They will want the money from the co-signer. In my case, my car was repossesed and my mom was my co-signer and she had to file bankruptcy too. The lender will sell the car in an auction and your co-signer will be responsible for the difference between what you owed and what is was sold for. Got it?

What happens to a promissory note when the note holder files for bankruptcy?

The note becomes a part of the bankrupt individuals assets.

What are the rights of a cosigner when the primary filed bankruptcy then didnt pay the bankruptcy so the bankruptcy was dismissed?

As a cosigner, you are not at all protected if the primary signer files for bankruptcy. In many cases, filing for bankruptcy relieves the primary signer on the loan from his obligations towards the loan, at which point the lender will turn to the cosigner for payment. You'll either have to pay the loan or file for your own bankruptcy (if necessary).Unfortunately, you're stuck with the loan regardless of whether or not the primary signer successfully completes his bankruptcy filling. You may want to contact a bankruptcy lawyer for some additional advice or assistance.

Auto Co-signer files bankruptcy does primary have to keep the loan?

The loan becomes at worst like a single-signer loan. You are free to refinance or pay it off. Which you were, anyway. The only entity affected by the bankruptcy of a cosigner on a loan is the lender.

What happens to the co signer if the borrower files bankruptcy?

You may need to consult with your own attorney. The primary borrower's bankruptcy doesn't affect your obligations as co-signer. The lender may go after you for payment.

If a co-signer files bankruptcy what happens to the primary signers credit if they continue to pay the loan?

Nothing. The primary is all that is concerned. If signer and co-signer are, were, or will be married - that's different. If either the co-signer or the signer is or was dependent to the other, that's different too, but only if it is regarding your current income. Basically, if you pay the bills, you have good credit.

If the primary debtor files bankruptcy is the co-signer still responsible for the loan?

Yes Discussed many times in similar questions. Simply, it is obviously one of the main reasons a co-signer was required. However, under C 13 bankruptcy, the cosigner is provided certain protections while the process is run.

What happens when primary borrower files bankruptcy and the bank goes after the co signer?

Depends- if it was a chapter 7, then the bank can sue the co-signer for the full amount. If it iwas a chapter 13, the creditor is prevented from taking any action against the co-signer for any consumer debt.

If the primary owner of a car files for bankruptcy and it is discharged and the car is back with the company will the co-signer be liable for the payment?

The cosigner will be the person who will be held responsible for paying any deficiency depending upon when the BK was filed. If the BK was filed under the new bankruptcy reform laws the cosigner can be held responsible for the entire amount of the loan.

If the cosigner of your credit card files for bankruptcy will this effect your credit rating as well?

Yes. It's possible that the financial transaction that the cosigner was involved with (liable for) might also be affected.

You are a cosigner can you still pay the loan when the primary loan holder files bankruptcy?

yes, and you may be required to do so.

If the cosigner on a car loan files bankruptcy what will happen to the other persons credit?

The creditor will seek repayment of the car loan from the cosigner. As long as the cosigner pays, their credit will not be affected. However, if they are unable or unwilling to pay, the debt will be pursued like any other bad debt, and it will affect their credit rating.

What is liability of co-signer if the owner files bankruptcy and moves out of state?

unfortunately you will be stuck paying the bill.

Can the primary borrower continue paying car loan if co-signer files chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Has to

If the primary owner files bankruptcy and has a co-signer can the co-signer continue to pay and take ownership of property?

That's an issue that has to be decided by the court, the lender and the exemption status of the property.