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Because there is no wind or other weather on the moon, there is nothing to weather the footprints. Barring a meteor strike or something like that, or tourists (!), they will stay there forever.

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Q: What happens to the footprints of astronauts?
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Who put their footprint on the moon?

The 12 Apollo astronauts have left their footprints on the moon.

Can a footprint be left on the moon?

yes it can because there are some footprints on the moon left by the astronauts

If you left footprints on the moon what would happen to them?

The footprints on the moon left by the astronauts will still be there in a few thousand years. They will eventually be covered with new dust from micrometeorites.

Are the astronauts footprints still on the moon?

I recall during the moon walks that the footprints were expected to survive for thousands of years; so yes.

Whether the footprints of human beings are still present on the Moon?

Oh yes the footprints left on the moon by the astronauts , will remain there for years or centuries. The reason is that there is no wind on the moon surface. So there is no chance of dust covering those footprints.

What was Buzz Aldrin's foot size when he landed on the moon?

The boots of the astronauts are very large.We can see them by the footprints on the moon.

What is on the surfaces of moon?

There are craters on the surface of the moon

How long will astronauts footprints on the moons surface remain for?

They'll be there as long as the moon is. Space is a vacuum, there's nothing there to disturb them.

In the moon landings astronauts seemed to leave footprints in dust As gravity's force is lower why does the dust not drift off?

The gravity can't be responsible for drifting away of footprints. Its the absence of the atmosphere which is really responsible. Due to its absence, no factor such as wind or something can drift away the footprints

Why don't astronauts leave deep footprints on the moon?

1) Gravity is less. 2) It would depend on the strength of the surface material.

What does moon do for earth?

- lunar dust - craters - Astronauts footprints - American flag - probably a few leftover instuments, crashed probes etc.

Is Earths moon a terrestrial or a gas?

Terrestrial, we put astronauts on the moon in 1969. It is covered in a thick layer of powdery dust, if you could go up there today you would still see the astronauts footprints because of the lack of wind.