What happens to the narcissist that has completely ruined his reputation and burnt all his bridges yet has no means to relocate?

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2006-09-23 06:23:26

Don't worry a narcissist always lands on his/her feet like a

cat! They are sly, selfish, can usually charm the gold out of a

person's teeth and never miss a beat for any opportunity. According

to the narcissistic mind they have all the power and never run out

of ideas and certainly don't feel they have burned all their

bridges. Psychologists do believe that there is a love/hate

relationship between a male narcissist and his mother (who was

probably narcissistic or cruel as well.) Whether the narcissist

hates his/her mother they will always run back and hate themselves

for doing so. If dear old mother isn't there then they continue to

harass an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.

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