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it rises because it becomes activated and multiplies

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What is yeast chemically?

Yeast consists of micro-organisms classified as fungi. So yeast wouldn't be described "chemically", but "biologically" ;)

What happens when iron filings and sulphur powder get heated?

The iron and sulfur react chemically to form the compound iron sulfide.

Why are yeast not typical fungi?

Unlike other fungi, yeast have the capability to expand when heated.

Can heated seats cause yeast infections?


In 1932 did the first machineless perm wave machine used heated clamps or heated solutions on wound curls?

chemically heated-pads

What happens when you mix yeast with salt?

The yeast die.

What gas does yeast produce when heated?

CO2 .. carbon dioxide

Is yeast alive?

Yes, yeast is alive until it either poisons itself as it produces alcohol or when heated in baking.

What happens to iodine when heated?

Iodine will sublime when heated.

What happens when matter is heated?

when matter is heated it will expand..

When matter is heated what happens?

matter expands when heated

What happens to matter when heated?

When matter is heated it will expand

What happens to the yeast when bread is baked?

The heat from baking kills the yeast.

What happens to yeast when bread is baked?

The yeast dies in the baking process.

Why does yeast froth when put in peroxide?

Yeast froths when put in peroxide because the acidic nature of peroxide reacts chemically with the products of yeast, causing hydrogen to be given off and froth to fizz rapidly.

Do natural sugars ferment faster in yeast than artificial sugars?

Yes as they are not chemically altered

Does beer make you put on weight?

it should because there is yeast that expands when is heated

What happens to the yeast in dough when sugar is added?

The primary thing that happens when sugar is added to yeast in dough is that it expands. The sugar provides a source of food which makes the yeast grow.

What happens to soilds when they are heated?

When solids are heated they turn into liquid

What happens to cloth when heated?

Cloth gets warm when heated.

What happens to yeast when cooked?

It dies.

When a substance is heated it must gain electrons and energy?

When a substance is heated it gains Kinetic Energy; gaining of electrons is 'chemically another matter altogether'.

What happens when something reacts?

It changes chemically.

Why is yeast used in bread?

Yeast makes the bread rise. This happens due to alcoholic fermentation. This is so that the yeast can reproduce. :)

What happens to plastic when heated?

so what really happens when plastic is heated the plastics can be made into any shape. It melts...