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The number 'dies' with you. It is not recirculated ever again.

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What happens when there is no social security?

we all die

What happens to social security benefits when you die and you are not married or have children?

They remain in the Social Security fund to be paid to other beneficiaries.

Why is your social security number on freeze?

They're expecting you to die soon.

Does social security stop when you die?

Social security may not stop when you die. It depends on the situation. The social security office will know how to apply your particular situation.

What happens to a season ticket holders master's tournamnet golf tickets when they die?

The Master's has their social security number and can tell when they die. They move to the next person in line for tickets. Sorry to give you the news

How many people on social security die each year?

how many people die each year who are social security recipients

How do you find who owns the social security number?

You are given a social security number the day you are born. You do not choose it. It is automatically yours to own forever. Every individual has their very own social security number that they own until they die. This is why it is important to take care of your social security card. If it is stolen, the person who has it can steal your identity and use it anyway they want, If you lose your social security card, notify the social security office as soon as possible. That person who stole it now ha become you, with regards to finances and you will be responsible for theft if you do not report it immediately to the banks and stores and everyone else you do business with.

When you die what happens to my social security contribution My mom worked for 35 yrs and she passed away. She contribute as well as her employer Where is all that money where does it go?

The contributions remain in the Social Security trust fund to be paid to other beneficiaries.

Does your wife receive Social security benefits if you die?


Social Security if tou die do you get to keep check?

If you die you don't need the check

If you die is child support paid besides social security benefits?

If you die you cannot possibly pay child support. The custodial parent needs to apply for Survivor's Benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Who gets MY parents social security when they are both dead?

No one will get it. Your parents paid for other people's social security. Just as younger people pay for your parents. Your parents do not have a balance for their social security. The government pays eligible people a certain amount until they die.

Can you draw my social security and my deceased ex husband's social security at the same time I am 67 and he died at age 79. We were married 10 plus years.?

I'm 79 yrs old can I continue to collect my social security and my husband should he die?

What happens when you have a perfected security agreement and the car company tries to do a replevin on you?

you die

If both parents die at the same time can you collect surviors social security benefits from both parents?

when did his parents die??

How many social security recipients die every day in the united states?


Can your husband receive your social security disability check if you die?

Not unless he hides the body in the closet

How many years do you have to be married to a person to be able to draw their social security if they die?

10 years

What happens when a whole lot of people die or get taken by the social worker?

when all of your sims die or get taken by social worker the game ends for that family when there is no sims left. but if there is still one sim left, the game wont end until something happens to that sim like if they die or the social worker takes them.

If my wife die and when i get to retirement age can i collect both social security?

You collect the highest amount, not both.

What happens to someones social security if they die?

The executor of the estate or a family member must notify the Social Security Administration and provide a death certificate. The payments then stop. If there is a surviving spouse or child who is entitled to continuing benefits, the SSA will begin making payments under the survivor's name.There have been cases of fraud, where either family members or roommates have failed to notify the Social Security Administration of the party's death, then collected and spent the income themselves. This is a felony criminal offense punishable by prison and court-ordered reimbursement.

What percent live to collect full Social Security benefits?

100%. You collect your full benefits until you die.

Is Dependency and Indemnity Compensation affected when one starts to draw social security on their own income?

DIC is a government-paid plan that pays benefits to survivors of military personnel who die on active duty or as a result of service-connected disabilities. DIC doesn't affect Social Security benefits, and conversely, Social Security benefits don't affect DIC.

Can you qualify for disability if you are 68 yrs and collecting social security?

Social Security benefits are issued to those who have reached "retirement eligibility," which can occur based either on age or on a disabling condition. In other words, it's one or the other, whichever occurs first. So the answer to your question is "no."For the record, Social Security benefits also are issued in other situations, e.g. to the dependent children of persons who die and have earned Social Security qualification, but these other situations have no bearing on the answer to your question.

Can you cash a post dated social security check?

No. If the person were to die before the date on the check, the IRS will require the money back.