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What happens when a chicken is stressed?

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I really don't know.

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What happens if Betta fish loose their color?

Nothing really happens. It just shows that they are stressed out, or scared. If this happens, try to figure out why they would be scared or stressed, then get rid of the problem. Or, if it is another fish, move them away from each other.

What happens when you obsess over a worry for too long?

you become stressed

What happens when rocks are stressed past the point at which they can maintain their integrity?

They fracture

What happens if a chicken egg issent sat on by the chicken mom?

it dies.

What happens when you eat a piece of chicken?

when you eat a piece of chicken you are developing protein

What happens when rocks are stressed beyond their limit?

Stress from pressure can cause fracture.

What happens of a person is stressed for to long?

their hair goes white . they have lots of headaches

What happens when you cross a chicken with a pig?

fried chieak chicken + steak = chieak lame.....

What happens to chicken bones in water?

nothing really happen's to a chicken bone in water.

What happens when you eat a whole chicken?

If you eat whole chicken, you can gain weight and get fat.

What happens when you see a butterfly fly into a chicken?

There is a big bang, then *wallah*... You have butter-chicken!

What happens if goats eat chicken feed?

Goats can easily digest chicken feed.

What happens if there is no chicken rice?

If there is no chicken rice you may have to order the pork rice instead.

What happens if you switch a chicken egg with a different chicken egg?

the chicken will know and not touch the other egg, causing it to die

What happens when you eat bad chicken?

You get sick.

What happens when chicken is baked?

It gets cooked

What happens if the chicken expels its gizzard?

It dies

How does a earthquake begin?

It happens when two stressed plates slide pass each other

What happens if meerkat are on their own?

They become highly stressed and may committ self-harm.

What happens when Earth gets stressed out?

Since the Earth itself is not alive, it does not make sense to apply the term "stressed out" to it. Please ask again being more specific about what you mean.

WHAT happens if you can't sleep at night?

what happens is your sleepy in the morning. you feel sleepy in the morning and if your sleeplessness continues you start to feel alittle stressed about it.

What happens to a chicken wing if the muscles are cut?

the same thing that happens to us dits

What happens if you eat bad chicken?

If you eat cold chicken or chicken that is spoiled or that has decayed, you might get diarrhea.SOURCE(s):My KFC Experience

What happens when you bleach a chicken bone?

it gets cooked

How do you digest a cheese burger?

you eat chicken then it happens