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What happens when a female duck loses its mate?


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I only know about the Mallards and I can say for them, the females go on to find another mate. As a matter of fact, they find different mates all the time. Mallards don't remain together for life like Canada Geese.

Yes, there is very little monogamy amongst mallards. But in my neighborhood we have three mated, yes mated, mallard couples who return every year to raise families. The males are fiercly protective over their wives. As a matter of fact, one couple arrived at their summer pond yesterday where the female was consistantly dogged by another male trying to woo her. Her husband was not having it. He blocked his advance at every turn, they had long, fast chases around the pond where at one point he drove his competator out of the water and chased him on foot along the shore. She is a sweet hen and he treats her like a queen.


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