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What happens when water change to ice?


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In ice, each molecule of water is hydrogen bonded to four other water molecules, forming a hexagonal crystal lattice. This structure causes the ice to increase in volume and become less dense when it freezes.


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It will not be any change in water. BY, Anjana Sreekumar

the change from ice to water is melting

physical change. because it is not permanent

water and ice and wind change the mountains by erosion

The water loses heat and the ice melts.

Adding ice tea to water will not change the chemical property of water or the ice tea. Hence it is a physical change.

Water can change into ice by freezing it to low temperatures (0 degrees and below)

Water freezing to ice is a physical change.

Ice does not dissolve in water. Ice is water, just in a solid state because of its low temperature. When ice melts, the water from the ice and the water in a cup combine.

the water will turn into ice

It will change it's matter into solid from liquid . The solid formed is called ice.

Water turns into ice, but the water does not undergo any chemical changing. Therefore ice is a physical change.

The volume of a beaker doesn't change, it's a beaker. What your were probably trying to ask is what happens to the volume of the ice when it melts. The volume decreases; water is special. Unlike other substances when it freezes it expands. That is why ice floats, it is less dense then water.

Yes by heating ice changes to water and by more heating it will change to water vapor.

If you have ice in water the temperature of the water will not increases till all the ice has melted. The reasoning why this happens is to do with temperature equilibrium and is slightly complicated. Put simply it is that it cant increases the temperature as the ice will draw in the heat before it effects the water as the ice is colder.

The freezing point of H20 is 32 degrees F, 0 degrees CAnswer:Water and ice change state (melt or freeze) at 0oCThe temperature of the water and ice will stay at that point until the the change of state is complete.The ice turns to water if there is heat coming in (its environment is above 0oC). Water turns to ice if heat is leaving the system (its environment is below 0oC)

The phase change of water (liquid) to ice (solid) is called solidification.

Freezing. When water freezes it turns to ice.

A glass of ice water is an object.

yes, ice does float in water. it will eventually melt and change into water.

Temperature causes changes in dry and water ice

The temperature decrease and water can be transformed in ice.

The water will freeze over the ice causing the ice to get worse.

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