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""co-owner of a vehicle"" means you are listed on the TITLE and just that. ""collateral for a loan by one of the parties and also had a co-signer"" IF you are not on the loan, then you are not responsible for paying it. The signor and co-signor will have to pay the loan. However, IF you want/need the car, you may wind up paying the loan just to get the car. Otherwise, you lost your car if it gets repoed.

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Q: What happens when you are a co-owner of a vehicle that was used as collateral for a loan by one of the parties and also had a co-signer?
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What happens when two secured parties claim security interests in the same collateral?

When there are two secured parties claiming security interest in the same collateral, the creditor that is perfected (having filed a financing statement) will have priority over the interests of an unsecured creditor or unperfected secured party

Is contract legal if only has a cosigner?

no...only two parties are required to make a contract, a cosigner is only required in special cases.

What is the collateral Estoppel Doctrine?

Collateral estoppel is the legal doctrine that holds that the finding of the facts litigated between the parties to a proceeding, are binding and conclusive on those parties in any future litigation they may engage in.

What is a Collateral Contract?

A collateral contract is a contract which assigns the rights and/or obligations of an existing contract to a third party. Due to the doctrine of "privacy of contract" only those parties mentioned in a contract have rights and obligations and it is illegal to assign these rights and obligations to third parties without the consent of the other parties to the main contract. Collateral contracts overcome the privacy of contract doctrine. Collateral contracts are used in the construction industry to make a direct contractual relationship between clients and sub-contractors. In the collateral contract the client will promise to pay the sub-contractor for the works that the main contractor promised the client to undertake. This collateral contract comes in handy when the main contractor goes insolvent or has late payments or, more importantly, when the subcontractor's performance is substandard.

If you get a cosigner when purchasing a car will it show up in your credit report or the cosigner's credit report?

It will appear on the CR of both parties.

If someone purchases a vehicle with a cosigner and only one party is making payments who has legal ownership if both parties are on the car registration?

most of the time both parties are the legal owners

Who's credit is affected if a cosigner is bankrupt and the loan is defaulted?

Both parties on the loan. Co-signer and other person they co-signed for

Can the new loan company force the cosigner to resign a new contract?

No, you have a contract and the only way to change it is for both parties to agree to the change.

Who's credit rating is affected if a vehicle that was leased with a cosigner is reposessed?

Both parties social securities #'s are sent to collections for the amount due.

Can a cosigner on a car loan sell the car without approval from the other?

No, both parties would have to be in agreement and sign off to sell or trade the vehicle.

Who pays for a car loan in Michigan if you're the cosigner and the primary stops paying?

The lending institution doesn't really care, they'll sue BOTh parties to get their money.

What happens after presenting an answer to a complaint?

The parties engage in discovery.

Can someone garnish a cosigner for a car and garnish the primary also?

In the State of Texas, the answer would be "YES" as both parties signed for the car loan and both are responsible for the balance due. I was the primary signor but the cosigner had the car and was making the payments. Then she stopped making payments after owning the car for 3 years and the car was repossessed.

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What happens when both parties breach a contract?

Breach by both the parties, will put the contract to an end. Thereafter right to claim will arise in accordance with the damages suffered by the parties.

Can you get a loan to pay gift tax on property and use the same property as collateral?

If you have gifted the property, which obligates you to pay the gift tax, then you no longer HAVE it as collateral for any purpose, at least to the extent you have reduced its value through your gift. For instance, if you gift your child $15,000 worth of your house, the value of the remaining ownership is practically worthless as collateral since it would be impossible to sell it without permission of the other parties on the deed.

What happens if your in a accident and you have sr22?

The same thing that happens if you did not have an Sr22. The at fault parties insurance generally pays for the accident.

Does the primary need the cosigner to trade in a car?

Yes, the cosigner and primary signer must be present to sell or trade the vehicle as they are equal owners. Also, both parties must sign the odomoter disclosure statement and the lien release (if applicable). The only exception to this is when the vehicle is titled Mrs. OR Mr. Some states like WV will allow an OR instead of an AND.

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If you cosigned a leased car for your daughter and the car and insurance are in her name are you responsible as cosigner for any liability over the covered insurance amount in the event of an accident?

No. Y-THINK-Y * Ordinarily a cosigner would not be liable for anything other than the lending agreement. However, responsibilities incurred by all parties when a vehicle is under lease can be quite different than the purchasing a vehicle. It would be prudent for the cosigner to read the leasing contract very carefully and perhaps seek legal advice if they are unsure of the terms of the contract.

Can a cosigner on a leased vehicle be removed due to a separation?

No. Until the judge declared divorce, the cosignor is on the lease. The two parties must come to a decision on who is going to own the vehicle AFTER the divorce and the two parties agree that the owner will continue payment. IF for some reason the one person CANNOT afford the payment, then both parties are on the hook until end of lease. The OWNER of the vehicle may also declare that BOTH parties remain on the lease until END OF LEASE.

My exwife didn't pay for car loan tow company got car do i have to pay as a cosigner if car is gone?

As a former banker, I was often asked this type of question. A cosigner is a person who is legally obligated to the lender (usually a bank or a finance company) to repay a loan that may, or may not, have benefited the cosigner. By signing the loan documents, the cosigner assumes equal and full responsibility to repay the loan. Note the term 'equal' - most financial institutions make no distinction between who signs the contract first or second, both parties are equally responsible. Where the car is or who has possession of it makes no difference. The loan contract is between the borrowers (yes, the cosigner is a borrower) and the lender. Should the loan go in to default (payments late, missed, or completely in default), no matter what personal agreements the cosigner had with the primary borrower about who should make the payments or who has possession of the car, the financial institution will make attempts to collect from both parties and report that information to the credit bureaus where it will impact equally both the primary borrower's and cosigner's credit history, credit score, and affect each party's ability to obtain credit in the future.

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