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It will make Chlorine Gas (among other deadly things)That warning is there to protect you. Household bleach has a chemical formula of NaOCl - that is, one atom each of sodium, oxygen, and chlorine. Its chemical name, for the curious, is sodium hypochlorite. Ammonia has a chemical formula of NH3, that is, one atom of nitrogen and three atoms of hydrogen. When these two compounds are combined, the following reaction takes place:

2NaOCl + 2NH3 --> 2NaONH3 + Cl2.

Do you see that Cl2 on the right hand side there? This means one part chlorine gas, made up of diatomic (two-atom) molecules. It also means that the chlorine gas has been liberated from the bleach, and is quite capable of causing you harm when inhaled!

Nitrogen Trichloride (very toxic)

Another potential reaction, which occurs when a greater amount of bleach is added than ammonia, is this:

3NaOCl + NH3 --> 3NaOH + NCl3 That's sodium hydroxide and nitrogen trichloride. Nitrogen trichloride is a very toxic chemical to humans, and even if you did get close enough to ingest it, it would probably explode in your face first, as it is also a very volatile explosive. There is little necessity in explaining why that is bad.

Hydrazine (explosive rocket fuel) Another reaction can occur if you have more ammonia than bleach. It is a three-part process. The first reaction produces sodium hydroxide and chloramine.
NH3 + NaOCl --> NaOH +NH2Cl These products react with more ammonia.

NH3 + NH2Cl + NaOH -->N2H4 + NaCl + H2O.

N2H4 is hydrazine, a very unstable compound. Then a final reaction between hydrazine and dichloramine occurs.

2NH2Cl + N2H4 --> 2NH4Cl + N2.

This reaction produces so much heat that it usually causes an explosion.

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What happens when you mix bleach ammonia and dry ice?

Don't mix bleach and ammonia. It will create a toxic gas that can burn your lungs and cause irreversible damage.

What happens when you combine water and ammonia?

I think that it becomes normal...

Are bleach and ammonia bases?

Bleach is basic; ammonia is amphoteric.

What happens when you combine chocolate and ammonia?

you make chocmonia and that's true

What happens when you mix comet with Clorox?

You die. Never mix ammonia & bleach.

Does bleach have ammonia?

No it does not have ammonia. Bleach contain chlorine as bleaching agent

What happens when you combine bleach and ammonium sulfate?

Bleach and ammonium releases a highly toxic chlorine gas.

Is ammonia bleach?

No. There are a number of types of bleach. Ammonia is not one of them. Never mix ammonia and bleach. Depending on the type, they can react to form a deadly gas.

What do you never mix into products containing ammonia?

Bleach.Do not mix bleach and ammonia. Combined, they react to make a toxic gas along with corrosive acids.Repeat: do not mix ammonia and bleach.

How long is an ammonia and bleach mixture toxic?

Ammonia and bleach are both consistently toxic for human ingestion.

What happens when you inhale bleach ammonia and rubbing alcohol?

It foams up and turns in acid!! Do not touch, or breath in!!

What cleaner kills more germs ammonia or bleach?


Does bleach contain ammonia?

No. Bleach can contain a number of substances depending on the type. You should never mix ammonia with bleach; they can react to form a deadly gas.

Is ammonia and bleach mix poisonous?

Yes. Ammonia will react with the sodium hypochlorite in bleach to produce a number of toxic gasses.

How many hydrogen ions does ammonia have then bleach?

Ammonia has 3 hydrogens: NH3. It depends on the bleach you are talking about, Clorox has none.

What is household bleach made of?


Is there ammonia in Clorox?

No. Chlorox bleach is a solution of sodium hypochlorite. Never mix ammonia and bleach. They will release gasses that can easily kill you.

What happens when you mix bleach and shower cleaner?

Careful mixing cleaning product with bleach or ammonia. It can cause deadly fumes, ALWAYS keep a window open for fresh air.

Is lightning bleach ammonia based?

Noit does not based on ammonia. It is based on chlorine.

Why is it a problem to mix ammonia and bleach?

When ammonia and bleach are mixed, a chemical reaction takes place that releases toxic chlorine gas into the area.

Are ammonia and bleach the ingredients of mustard gas?


What are two examples of bases?

Bleach and Ammonia

Household chemicals that are bases?

bleach ammonia

Can mixing Bleach and Ammonia kill you?


What does hair bleach contain?

Ammonia and peroxide.

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