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nothing happens unless you want it to. if the person does not like you but looks at you, talk with you and plays around with you, then my advice for you is to be persistent. does this person know you like them? and when i say persistent i dont mean irritating. there's a difference.

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What bird stands up and looks around and every direction it looks is north?

A penguin that happens to be standing exactly on the South Pole.

What is Jesse hardy?

Somebody who looks like a donkey

What do you call somebody that looks after fridge?

An Electronic Repairman

Why do people who are clever look so gorgeous?

Each person has thir own opinion about somebody, so you may think someone looks gorgeous and they might be clever, but to somebody else, they might think they are ugly and dumb.

Can you see how many times somebody looks at your profile?

No you can't.

Why is your boiler not kicking in?

Hard to say from here. When somebody looks at it we will know.

Why is it that whenever somebody walks past you they faint?

My good looks or my deodorant.

What is a person who looks after animals called?

who person looks after animals

What does Selina gomez look for in a guy?

she looks for somebody who is sensitive cares for her and about charity

Can somebody be out of your league in terms of looks?

yes. but if they have low self esteem no one is out of their league

Can you do ouija with paper?

It depends on if it looks good enough but I have a friend who knows somebody who did that and it worked.

Why are the dark parts of the moon called seas?

Somebody thought it looks like seas.

Is Damon wayans a jehovah's witness?

By the looks of things that I have found this person was raised in a Witness family but to be honest I could not see if they were/are still a practising Witness. Maybe somebody else might do better...

Why does it look like the sun revolves around the earth?

Because the Earth is spinning.It's just like what happens when you spin around.It looks like the room is revolving around you, but you know it's not.

What happens if you are at the beach and a girl looks at your erection?

Then you will be so embarrassed that it won't even be funny. And if it does happen, turn around, get in the water, etc.

How can you tell if some one wants to date you but is to shy to ask?

If that person looks at you alot and gets nervous around you.

What does the idiom green around the gills mean?

It means the person looks sick. Usually they are pale and green in the face.

How do you ask a fit girl out?

It all depends on yourself, your personality, her personality, your looks, her looks and obviously, if she is already dating somebody, it wasn't easy for me either.

What is the name of a person that looks for fossils?

An archeologist is the name of a person who looks for fossils A paleontologist studies these fossils.

What do you call a person that looks after a horse?

A person who looks after a horse could be called a stable hand, or an equestrian.

What do you call a person who looks on the gloomy side of things?

A person who looks on the gloomy side of things is pessimistic.

What witch looks like?

Looks like an ordinary person.

What is a person that looks after zoo animals?

A zookeeper looks after animals

How does a parallelogram look?

It looks like a rectangle that somebody sat on and it started to bend to one side.

How do you change your race in aq?

just go yo your destination pick on somebody who looks important