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it won't work properly

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Q: What happens when you supply only 120V to a 240V motor?
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You are building a new house and trying to decide between 120v and 240v which is better More practical?

In the US, both 120v and 240v will be needed for your home, as different appliances need different voltages. Your TV needs 120V, while your electric dryer and stove will need a 120V/240V supply. If you have an electric water heater, or central AC unit, they will need a 240V supply.

Can you wire a 120V stove fan to the 240V supply?

No, you must break it down to a 120 volt supply.

How do you rewire a 120V or 240V motor running on 220V volts back to 120V?

If it is a six wire motor go to

What happens if you plug a 120V appliance into a 240V outlet?

You will burn up your appliance!!!!!

What takes less energy 120v or 240v?

120V takes less energy

Can I use a 120v rated bulb in a 240v socket on a 120v circuit?


Can 240V washer run on 120V outlet?


Can a 120V Generator run 240V machines?


Will a computer bought in the UK work in the US?

As long as the power supply allows you to toggle between 240v and 120v input, Yes.

Can you run a 120V heater with a 240V supply?

Definitely not - it would burn out quickly and probably cause the circuit breaker to trip as well.

WIll sump motor blow if I connect 240V?

It may not blow, but it will turn twice as fast and burn out very quickly. It is meant for 110 only. Check the sump pump. Some of them can be wired either 120v or 240v. If yours is like that, just wire the motor for 240v and plug it in.

How do you rewire a 240V motor to 120V?

The linked site has just about any connection you might need. See related links below.

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