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What happpens to a car moving at a constant speed as it turns a corner?


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The car undergoes a change in velocity. It accelerates (and does so at a constant rate - if the rate of turn is constant) in the direction of the turn. The speed is constant, but the direction the car is going changes at each instant in time because it is turning. And because it is changing direction, that means its velocity is changing (because velocity is speed plus a direction vector).

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Velocity is Speed in a given direction. Moving at constant velocity is equivalent to say moving with a constant speed in a specified direction. So, moving at constant velocity implicitly means moving with constant speed.

Yes, because his/her direction is changing. If you are referring to the actual number (0 m/s2, because he/she is moving at a constant speed), no, that does not change.

Yes. If an object is moving at a constant speed the average speed and the constant speed are the same.

A car moving at constant speed in a straight line is also moving at constant velocity.

A motion with a constant speed will always be moving the same speed A motion with a constant acceleration will constantly be gaining speed, and does not remain moving at the same speed.

None, as "not moving at all" is just moving at a constant speed of zero. Special relativity shows that there is nothing unique or different about zero speed. It is just a value of constant speed.

The effect of balanced forces is the fact that the object is moving at constant speed. An object moving at constant speed is under the influence of balanced forces.

determine if the momentum of an object moving in a circular path at constant speed is constant.

If the car is moving in a constant direction at a constant speed, then the net force on it is zero.

A car moving with a constant speed is moving with a constant velocity if and only if it is travelling along a straight line.

When the speed of an object remains the same - it does not increase or decrease - we say it is moving at a constant speed.

if an object is moving without any net force or acceleration, it is moving at constant speed, or constant velocity. For example a satellite orbiting the earth is moving at constant speed, a car traveling at 60 mph, a wind of 20 mph. etc.

Only if the direction is constant and the speed is constant.

When the acceleration is at constant 0, then the velocity will be constant.

yes an acceleration is a change in speed and when you go around a corner you change your speed.

How can you even ask that. The words 'constant speed' and 'accelaration ' are a contradiction in terms.

The object that is moving at a constant speed will slow down. Its new velocity will be determined by the original constant speed along with the new combined mass of the moving object and the additional "large mass."

Yes. An object moving in a straight line at constant speed has constant velocity.

Yes it is constant. It never stops moving.

The force on a mass moving at a constant speed and direction is 0.

No. Circular motion can have constant speed but varying velocity. Constant speed means constant speed in any direction, like a car on cruise control turning a corner. Constant velocity means constant speed in a straight line. If the direction changes, that's considered a change in velocity.

constant speed=0 acceleration Acceleration is the change in speed. If the speed doesn't change(ie constant) the acceleration is zero.

Consider an object turning in a circle at a constant speed. Because velocity is not just the value of speed, but also the direction in which the object is moving, the velocity would not be constant.

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