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That would depend on the load you anticipate on the server, but basically any computer can be configured as a web server - it is a matter of software not hardware.

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Q: What hardware is required to run a web server?
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What equipment is required to set up a web based network or server?

You need:A web server programEither a client computer system or a server machine that can run the web serviceA domain name that points to the web serverNetwork equipment to connect to the network or Internet for accessibility

What apache server in Linux?

Apache is the world's leading and most commonly deployed web server. The majority of the web sites on the Internet run on an Apache server,

Is a server hardware or software?

"Server" can refer to many things, including the machine it is running on (hardware), the operating system (software), or a specific program (software).The HP ProLiant SL160z G6 is an example of server hardwareWindows Server 2008 is an example of a server operating system.Apache Web Server is an example of a server application.

What is a server for a computer?

A rack or collection of hardware, the software is the component that makes it a server. What software/protocol depends on the type of server: DNS, Mail, Web servers etc.

How to run the jsp programs?

JSP programs can be run on any machine that has a web server like Weblogic or Websphere or tomcat. The Web Archive file (WAR) and Enterprise Archive file (EAR) corresponding to the web application must be deployed on the server. Once that is done, you can start the web server and then you are all set to run jsp programs.

What port number does a typical application web server run on?


Why you need wamp server to run php file on web browser?

PHP Web Development and Running PHP application requires a lots of efforts and tools. For running PHP file on web browser we required a compiler which can convert php files to HTML files. And a web server like Wamp helps a php file to convert it to PHP. Basic Component of WAMP Server are : Wnodows : Which is our OS. Apache : Web server for responding with web pages. MySql : Databases Query and PHP

What security measures are required when hosting an internal DoD web server along with a publicly accessible DoD web server?

Encrypted transmission An audit Measures to ensure

Is a web server an end server?

yes a web server is an end server

What is Web Server hardware?

The Hardware of a web server will be the same as any other server Processors Memory (RAM) Hard Drives Power Supplies Network Card(s) the server will be set up with IIS - Internet Information Service which allows website to be hosted or Apache if using Linux or other Web service software generally a web server hosting loads of site will have lots of hard drive space and RAM and powerful processors for running a couple site done need anything really fancy

What is another name for a computer server?

A rack or collection of hardware, the software is the component that makes it a server. What software/protocol depends on the type of server: DNS, Mail, Web servers etc.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for running a web server?

There is no official minimum, although I would not consider it feasible to run a server without at least 10 GB of hard drive space or 128 MB of RAM. Keep in mind that if you are running a server with low specifications, it will most likely run faster if it is running Linux (and a server version of Linux, at that) as opposed to another operating system.

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