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What hardware platforms will Linux run on?

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As long as there are hardware, demand, and developers, there will be a custom build.

Here's a list of the ones I've seen in:

  • Intel x86 (i386): desktop/laptop computers, thin clients
  • Intel x86_64 and AMD (amd64): desktop/laptop computers
  • ARM: Nintendo DS, smartphones [Android*, Tizen], Raspberry Pi [Raspbian]
  • MIPS: Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation Portable
  • PowerPC: desktop computers [Pre-OS X Macs], and formerly Sony Playstation 3

*Android is not a complete Linux-based system, but it does use a modified Linux kernel as part of the operating system.

I've also heard that some custom firmwares for routers are also Linux-based.

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List three examples of different hardware platforms onto which Linux has been ported?

List three examples of different hardware platforms onto which Linux has been ported?Read more: List_three_examples_of_different_hardware_platforms_onto_which_Linux_has_been_ported

What it is HCL in Linux?

hardware compatibility list (HCL) is a list of computer hardware that may or may not run in Linux.

Can a Centrino Duo run Linux?

Linux can run with virtually any hardware configuration, but it is best to check the system requirements for your Linux distro.

Is Linux hardware?

No, Linux is simply the operating system running on the hardware, much in the same way that you could run Windows or another OS on the same hardware.

Do .NET applications run on Linux?

The Mono project is designed to allow .Net applications to run on various platforms, including (and especially) Linux. See related link.

Will you be able to run a netbook on a Linux?

Absolutely. I do it all the time. I'd check hardware compatibility if you're asking about specific hardware, but Linux runs on netbooks no problem

What are the differences between SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Professional?

SUSE Enterprise is made to run on servers(which use different platforms to organize the web page) while SUSE Linux professional is desktop Linux with special mods and cool platforms for high tech work in offices and studios.

Is a router hardware?

Yes - it is usually implemented as a hardware device. There are router emulators, though, that run as a software, for example on Linux.

Can gta iv PC run on xbox 360?

No the are on different platforms. They have different hardware. X360 has fixed hardware specs. PC does not

What is the best to use Linux or Unix?

In most cases you probably won't have a choice. If you need to run a specific commercial application, it may available for Linux but not a Unix system, or vice versa. The hardware platform also dictates whether or not you may be able to use them. HP-UX (a Unix system) for instance, only runs on certain HP machines. Similarly, some hardware platforms may not be supported by any current Linux distributions, meaning you may not be able to use Linux on that system.

Device drivers are written for which platforms?

Every platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc) requires its own driver programs for each hardware device. Drivers are written by the hardware manufacturer for each supported platform.

What sort of operating system does a Damn Small Linux use?

Designed by Linux, it was originated to run graphic applications on older computer hardware. It was designed by John Andrews.

What are the hardware differences between Windows and Linux?

The only differences hardware-wise between Windows and Linux are CPU architechtures. Windows use x86 CPU architechture and Linux can run on any architechture it is compiled for (from source code). Usually, you will find Linux precompiled for mainstream CPU architechtures (ie. - x86, Sparc, ARM, etc..)

Can you run net in any platform?

No... .Net will definitely run on Windows and Windows Mobile platforms, most parts and features can be made to work on Mac OSX and Linux. You can only run .Net applications on platforms that have a version of the .Net Framework installed. * Microsoft has only provided application support for Windows and Windows Mobile platforms. * Silverlight applications (inside of a browser) may be run on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. * ** NOTE: The silverlight package will need to be downloaded. * Mono is an OpenSource implementation of the .Net framework for Linux (subset of Microsoft .Net framework) * The latest version of Wine claims to allow .Net 3.5 installation.

What are the similarities between Windows Mac and Linux operating systems?

1. All of these systems work in protected mode. This means that user does not have full access to hardware. 2. They can run on Intel-compatible platforms. 3. TCP/IP support, common protocols. 4. Graphical User Interface (on Linux this is optional). 5. On each platform there are some games.

Is Linux harware or sofware?

Linux is a Software which interacts with hardware using device drivers and controls the hardware using kernel routines.

What is the Linux anaconda?

There is no Linux anaconda, but there's a programming language named after a kind of reptile that works in many platforms, including Linux - Python.

Can i run c compiler on windows7 if yes then on Which tool?

Sure, if the compiler is written for Windows32 or Windows64. You cannot run compilers written for other platforms (MsDos, Windows16, linux, etc).

What are the three main computer platforms?

PC, Mac, and Linux

What hardware platforms will Windows Server 2003 run on?

Windows Server 2003 is available in x86, x86-64, and Itanium editions.

Is Cloud Computing available for Linux Operating Systems?

Yes, cloud computing exists for Linux users. You can use almost any of the platforms with Linux.

What is a platform independent software?

That means that the software can run on different platforms - for example, on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh machines, perhaps even on Android or iOS devices.

Is Linux better than a PC?

One cannot be considered "better" than the other, because they aren't directly comparable. Linux is an operating system kernel. A "PC" is a hardware platform. Linux can run on PCs, as well as other types of computers.

What two platforms is Linux OS installed on?

Linux is actually installed on a lot of different platforms. Desktops, servers, routers, video game consoles, cell phones, tablets, DVRs, toasters, robots, PDAs, PMPs. Name it, there's likely a Linux port for it.

What is the use of a Linux Virtual Machine?

The use of a Linux Virtual Machine is to run a copy of Linux on your current operation system. This will allow you to run various applications that only run on Linux.