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plants and fruits have lots of glucose because when photosynthesis occurs glucose is created.


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If a beaker containing glucose is permeable to glucose, then the glucose will go through the beaker.

Glucose isomerase enzyme changes glucose into fructose.Glucose isomerase enzyme changes glucose to fructose.

glucose? i think glucose is a different thing than liquid glucose.

Just the presence of glucose Just the presence of glucose

sucrose-glucose+fructose lactose-galactose+glucose maltose-glucose+glucose

alpha- glucose and beta- glucose

Surcose which is a micture of (Glucose + fructose) Lactose..................................(Glucose + galactose) Maltose..................................(Glucose + glucose)

Glucose+glucose=a disaccharide called "maltose" Glucose+lots more glucose=a polysaccharide called "starch"

Yes, your body uses glucose in the form of glucose. All other sugars are converted into glucose so your body can use them.

increased blood glucose (hyperglycemia), decreased blood glucose (hypoglycemia), increased glucose in the urine (glycosuria), and decreased glucose in CSF, serous, and synovial fluid glucose.

In the liver, glucose is stored as glycogen.

because if we do not have glucose we cannot produce a glucose..

Glucose is the solute; water is the solvent.

glucose is what body needs. It may or may not be liquid. as long as its glucose

Sucrose: glucose and fructose Maltose: glucose and glucose Lactose: glucose and galactose

Glucose is not a protein. Glucose is classified as a carbohydrate or a sugar. Glucose is the substance that mammals derive most of their energy from.

Glucose is just a type of sugar, your body needs glucose to survive. So yes, glucose is safe.

Glucose is a monomer. Sucrose is a disaccharide derived from glucose and fructose.

a glucose + a glucose = maltose, a disaccharide.

glucoseglycogenglucosethat carbohydrate is Glucose

there is not gluten in glucose its self, glucose is a sugar not a protein in a grain.

No, glucose and fructose is what sucrose is made of.

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