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washes away dirt, and germs, because if you don't wash then those germs will find a way inside your body through, cuts, mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and soon you'll end up with a cold or sickness or disease

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Q: What has keeping clean got to do with your health?
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Can parents get into trouble for not keeping a clean home?

It depends on what you mean by clean. If it is a health hazard they can get in trouble.

What does a clean bathroom contribute to?

A clean bathroom contributes to better health and cleanliness. By being clean it makes others more attentive to keeping clean. It really helps if you are getting clean in a clean bathroom.

What is health sanitation?

Keeping public areas clean and free from bacteria and viruses that can make people ill.

How do you keep your cities clean?

by keeping it clean

How often do you clean a turtle tank?

I usually cleaned my tank once a month, or when it started to smell. Or, when the filter and rocks started to get slimy. Keeping a clean tank is vital to your turtle's health, so make sure to remember to clean.

What is good about health inspections?

Health inspections keep restaurants from making people ill from food that is not kept hot enough. They also prevent the spread of germs from not keeping the place clean enough.

What is housekeeping in a garage workshop?

Keeping the work bench clear and clean Keeping the floor clear and clean When a job is finished, putting the tools away clean

What is the role of plants and trees in keeping the environment clean?

Plants and trees have a major role in keeping the environment clean. This is because they help to clean the air using photosynthesis.

What is the importance of critical reading?

Bye keeping your mind in the story and keeping it clean

When you got a DS lite it comes with a blank GBA game pack in the GBA slot what is this for?

It's for keeping the GBA slot clean and dust-free.

How do you write a warning letter for not keeping your work area clean?

clean grill

Ways of keeping water clean?

boil it

What is human health and hygiene?

the health of a human and how clean you are

What can you do to keeping your environment clean?

because if were not clean it wont be nice soo we need to try to keep the enviroment clean

What does the term cleanliness mean?

the state of being clean, or the act of keeping things clean

How can you keep the environment clean in paragraph?

no one can deny that keeping our environment clean is a must.

What are the factors that can contribute to good personal hygiene?

* bathing regularly * using a deodorant/antiperspirant * keeping your nails clean * wearing clean clothes * brushing teeth regularly * keeping your hair clean and tidy

What are the benefits of cleaning your floors?

Cleaning your floors can help prevent buildup of bacteria and other microbes, as well as keeping your floor nice looking and odor-free. Keeping your floors clean will not only provide asthetic benefits, but health benefits as well.

Why health promotion is important?

it is very important to stay healthy by eating a reasonable amount fruit and vegetables and meat every day keeping good hygiene ,excise it's all very important and keeping your teeth clean is important too.

How you recover gold?

you can recover gold by keeping it clean!

What is the best ways to keeping oneself clean?


How does hand washing improve life?

Keeping you clean!:)

What are the ways to keep the air clean?

Some of the ways of keeping the air clean is by using the clean energy and planting trees.

Do you need to keep goldfish water clean for them to have babies?

Keeping the water clean in your goldfish aquarium will not only make your fish more likely to spawn but will also greatly improve the health of your fish and any potential fry, so yes you should keep your goldfish's water clean for them to spawn.

How does the atmosphere clean itself?

By keeping the air clean and stuff the atmosphere is cleaning nothing but air!