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What has more vitamin d soy milk or whole milk?

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Soy milk is very nutritional for children. It actually has more vitamin D, Vitamin b12, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, and Riboflavin than Whole (cows) Milk. Soy milk can reduce cholestrol, it contains no lactose, it doesn't contain horomones and it's easier for small bodies to process. Also because it only contains vegetable proteins vs animal proteins, it loses less calcium during processing in the kidneys.

Yes,there are trace amounts of vitamin D in soy milk but not enough to make a difference. Regular cows milks is fortified with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D can be found in different drinks. Cow milk, almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk are all drinks that have the vitamin.

personally i think whole milk does

it has alot more calcium, but is alot more fattening, try skim milk for a healthier choice or even flavored soy milk

Whole milk, 2% milk, soy milk, powdered milk, goats milk, etc.

Soy, more healthy and fewer calories.

Cow's milk condenses better than soy milk. It keeps the baked recipe more moist than soy milk through the dehydration process. The soy milk has an oily effect as it cooks.

soy milkalmond milkcartoned goat's milk (not refrigerated)

no because soy milk is now called soy beverage. soy beverage is made out of the soy plant, so it is not milk because milk is from cows.

For general information on soy milk, visit If you are concerned about the health effects of soy milk, you can consult your physician.

While some maintain that soy milk is "too concentrated a protein," most experts agree that soy milk provides all the benefits of real milk (and more), without actually drinking real milk. Additionally, soy provides things like omega-3 fatty acids, which are very useful to MS patients in maintaining brain function. Most experts do agree that cow's milk is far worse for MS patients (and the population in the whole) than soy milk.

No, dairy products come from animal milk. Soy, or more accurately soya, is a bean.

You can eat soy or drink soy milk if you have sigmoid diverticulitis. Whole grains and tough meat should be avoided.

Soy milk can be used instead of milk when baking, but one has to make some adjustments. Regular milk has natural salt; not plain soy milk : minor adjustments may be needed. Then, there are flavored soy milk (e.g. vanilla soy milk).

Yes, soy milk come from a soy bean. To get soy milk they simply, just like they would a cow, milk the soybean.

It is made with carrageenan and when heated up it evaporates much quiker than the whole milk . It happens with hot chocolate too when you use soy milk instead of water.

No, drinks like Silk, and such are a milk like substance that is sweetened to be more like milk, and is produced somehow from soy beans...

Soy milk must be consumed the moment it is opened. It should be kept for more than a day.

It is not a question of which is healthiest or least healthiest but a question of which one is right for you. Children and pregnant or lactating mothers need whole milk. Most people should drink 2% unless there are concerns about excessive calore consumption. These people should drink low fat or even better Soy Milk. Soy Milk is also recommended for those with glutton or vitamin D issues.

Some people drink soy milk because they are allergic to the milk that is dairy.

should you gradually give a one year old child whole soy or diluted it.

yes it is high in vitamin B1, B2, B6 and E. Soy Milk can also prevent cancer.

Soy milk in its un-fortified state does not contain calcium and therefore does not provide your body, therefore bones with this vital element. Soy milk is technically not milk, but a plant based liquid/beverage made from soybeans. Milk is a strong source of calcium and is fortified with Vitamin D to help with calcium absorption. Therefore, if purchasing soy "milk", read what has been fortified/added. Soy milk is good for those who are lactose intolerant and could help people reduce the risk of heart disease because of chemicals that can reduce the "bad" LDL cholesterol.

It isn't, necessarily. Soy milk is derived from soy beans (a plant), so soy milk is free of lactose, a protein which is found in cow milk, and also contains much lower levels of saturated fats and cholesterol. On its own, soy milk does not contain much calcium, so this is generally added by manufacturers. Soy milk contains hormones that mimic the action of oestrogen in the human body which may have some health complications for some.

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