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What has the United States done to repair damage caused by the Vietnam War?



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The Zelda answer is completely erroneous

The Zelda answer is completely erroneous

The first Legend of Zelda game was produced by Nintendo in 1984. It contained the story of a young boy Link, who is based loosely on a mutant baby between Bill Walton and Kim-Johng-Il. This caused a birth defect which made a trinagle appear on his left hand. Ganondorf(who is the country of Vietnam in disguise) attempted to cut off Link's triangle and paste it to his balls which would give him superpowers. The U.S. declined the production of this game because it implied that Vietnam was the King of the world. This game caused millions of Japanese people to hate the U.S. which caused The Battle of Azeroth. The U.S. won after raping every Japanese person and scoring 1,000 points, though they suffered many casualties. The U.S. repaired the damage by creating a game called Halo which then recruited all of the majorly obese people to join hands across America(though double-kills eradicated many of them and went unrewarded without and achievements or Microsoft points). This led to the creation of Wal-Mart where the U.S. is currently recruiting any hillbillies or rednecks who are dumb enough to want to shoot a gun. A game which replicates the preceding events is called M&M's Racing.