What has the author Alun Hoddinott written?

Alun Hoddinott has written:

'Divertimenti, for 8 instruments' -- subject(s): Suites (Bassoon, clarinet, flute, horn, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass)

'Sonata, for horn and piano [op. 78, no. 2]' -- subject(s): Sonatas (Horn and piano)

'Concerto for horn and orchestra, op. 65' -- subject(s): Concertos (Horn), Scores

'Sonata, no. 4' -- subject(s): Sonatas (Piano)

'Quintet for piano and strings, op. 78, no. 4' -- subject(s): Piano quintets, Scores

'Sinfonietta 3, op. 71' -- subject(s): Scores, Symphonies

'Symphony, no. 3 [op. 61]' -- subject(s): Scores, Symphonies

'King of Glory (Oxford Anthems)'

'Welsh dances, 2nd suite [op. 64] for orchestra' -- subject(s): Juvenile Orchestral music, Scores, Suites (Orchestra), Welsh Dance music

'The tree of life, op. 79, for soprano and tenor soloists, chorus, organ and orchestra' -- subject(s): Sacred Cantatas, Vocal scores with piano

'Nocturne for orchestra, op. 5' -- subject(s): Orchestral music, Scores

'Piano Trio No. 2 Op. 111 (Oxford Music for Chamber Ensemble)'

'Nocturnes and cadenzas, for cello and orchestra, op. 62' -- subject(s): Scores, Violoncello with orchestra

'Concerto no. 3, for piano and orchestra [op. 44]' -- subject(s): 2-piano scores, Concertos (Piano)

'Concerto for harp and orchestra, op. 11' -- subject(s): Concertos (Harp), Scores

'Sonata, for cello and piano, op. 73, no. 2' -- subject(s): Sonatas (Violoncello and piano)

'Sonata, for violin and piano [op. 63]' -- subject(s): Sonatas (Violin and piano)

'Sinfonietta 2, op. 67' -- subject(s): Scores, Symphonies

'Four Welsh songs' -- subject(s): Choruses, Secular (Men's voices) with orchestra, Choruses, Secular (Men's voices) with piano, Vocal scores with piano, Welsh Songs

'The sun, the great luminary of the universe, op. 76' -- subject(s): Orchestral music, Scores

'Make a Joyful Noise (Oxford Anthems)'

'The tree of life' -- subject(s): Sacred Cantatas, Vocal scores with piano