What has the author Arthur Edward Waite written?

Arthur Edward Waite has written:

'Mysteries Of The Logos In Magic'

'Ancient Mysteries'

'The Art Of Knowing The Good Genie And Their Influence Upon The Destiny Of Men'

'Spirituality A Question Of Service'

'Lamps of western mysticism' -- subject(s): Mysticism

'The brotherhood of the Rosy Cross being records of the house of the Holy Spirit in its inward and outward history' -- subject(s): Rosicrucians

'The Eternal Love'

'The Great Symbols Of The Tarot'

'Post Reformation Mystics - Pamphlet'

'Raymund Lully, illuminated doctor, alchemist and Christian mystic' -- subject(s): Biography, Philosophers, Alchemists, Mystics

'The Beloved Kinsman - Pamphlet'

'The Dionysian Heritage'

'The Holy Grail Vessel Considered As A Bowl Of Plenty'

'The Masonic Grade Of Rose Croix And Its Variations'

'To Kabalah And The Book Of Purifying Fire - Pamphlet'

'Fairy Music' -- subject(s): Fairy poetry


'The Holy Grail, its legends and symbolism' -- subject(s): Literature, Medieval, History and criticism, Grail, Medieval Literature

'Masonic Death'

'Metrical Exercises Of Saint-Martin - Pamphlet'

'An ode to astronomy and other poems'

'Lucasta, parables and poems'

'The Mystery Of Shekinah And The Kabalah'

'Arabian And Syriac Alchemy'

'The Life Of Alphonse Louis Constant'

'The Age Of Zoharic Tradition - Pamphlet'

'Black Magic And The Evocation Of Demons'

'Early Masonic Building Guilds'

'The Grand Of Mystic Of Majorca'

'The Psychal Union'

'Studies in mysticism and certain aspects of the secret tradition' -- subject(s): Spiritualism, Mysticism

'The Castle Of The Interior Man'

'The Doctrine Concerning Sheol And The Kabalah'

'The Masonic Chapter Of Claremont'

'The Middle Way'

'Famous Alchemists'

'The Lost Book Of The Holy Grail'

'The Antiquity Of Magical Rituals'

'Life Of The Mystic - Pamphlet'

'Albertus Magnus'

'Book of Mystery and Vision'

'The Ecstatic Absorption'

'Turba Philosophorum'

'The Alleged Christian Elements Of The Kabalah'

'Emblematic Freemasonry'

'Druids And Their Mysteries'

'Magic Defined - Pamphlet'

'The Masonic Word And The Soul Of Man - Pamphlet'

'Saint-Martin, the French mystic and the story of modern Martinism' -- subject(s): Philosophers, Biography

'Lamps On Mystical Heights'

'Masonic Knights Beneficent Of The Holy City - Pamphlet'

'The Perfection Of Humanity In The Light Of Aspiration, Legend, And In The Light Of The Actual Man'

'The Second Birth of Freemasonry in Continental Rites'

'The Heptameron'

'The Kabalah And The Doctrine Of The Ten Emanations - Pamphlet'

'Order Of The Temple'

'The Rose In Symbolism'

'Steps In The Way Of Mystical Attainment'

'Early Kabalistic Literature'

'Magical Transformations - Pamphlet'

'Sacramental Freemasonry'

'Concerning The Ineffable Experience Or Divine Union With God'

'The Knights Templar Influence On The Legend Of The Holy Grail'

'The Masonic Orders Of Chivalry'

'The Secret Church'

'The Word And Its Manifestation - Pamphlet'

'The Myth Of Earthly Paradise In The Kabalah'

'The Craft Degrees And Their Connections'

'Grounds Of Unity And Grace In Nature - Pamphlet'

'The Kabalah And The Paths Of Wisdom'

'A new encyclopaedia of Freemasonry' -- subject(s): Freemasons

'The Rosicrucians As Professors Of Magical Art'

'Thomas Vaughan And The Kabalah - Pamphlet'

'The Holy Grail And Analogies Of Masonry'

'The Kabbalah And The Coming Of Messiah - Pamphlet'

'Obligation And Service - Pamphlet'

'The Rider Tarot Deck with Other and Booklet'

'The Testimony Of The Transcendental'

'Collected Poems'

'The Latin Chain Of Hermes'

'The Book of Black Magic'

'Molinos And The Quietists'

'Count St. Germain And Cagliostro'

'The Gardens Of Paradise And Of God'

'The Hallows Of The Holy Grail Mystery Rediscovered In The Talismans Of The Tarot'

'A Kabalistic Order Of The Rose Croix'

'Necromancy - Pamphlet'

'Reflections From High Grade Masonry To Modern Occult Research'

'Rosicrucian Symbolism Of The Rose And Cross'

'Judgments Drawn From The Moon's Age'

'Kabiric Rites'

'Modern Spiritualism And Magic'

'The New Light Of Alchemy'

'Testimony Of Byzantine Alchemy'

'Churches And Spiritism - Pamphlet'

'How To Determine The Lucky And Unlucky Days At Any Month In The Year'

'The Legend Of The Deluge And The Kabalah - Pamphlet'

'The Masonic Grand Lodge'

'The Zohar And The Mystery Of Sex'

'China And Freemasonry'

'Divisions Of The Kabbalah - Pamphlet'

'Manual of Cartomancy and Occult Divination'

'The Hermetic Museum'

'Ancient York Freemasonry'

'The Mysteries And Their Mystical Side'

'Hermetic Schools and Freemasonry'

'The Mission Of The Repairer - Pamphlet'

'Mystical Faith And Vision'

'The Rituals Of Transcendental Magic'

'A Study In Christian Pantheism'

'Analogies Of The Quest Of The Holy Grail In Freemasonry - Pamphlet'

'Spiritualism, The Soul's Home, And The Legends Of Wandering Islands'

'Angels And Demons In Kabbalism - Pamphlet'

'Magical Equilibrium'

'The Mystery Of Faith'

'The Fama Fraternitatis Of The Meritorious Order Of The Rosy Cross'

'A Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn'

'The Mystical Philosophy Of Nature - Pamphlet'

'A Rite Beyond Masonry'

'A Short Tract Or Philosophical Summary By Nicholas Flamell - Pamphlet'

'The Sum Of Qabalistic Pneumatics'

'The God Of Light And The God Of Shadow In Magic'

'The Hermetic & Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus: Vol. I'

'The Kabalah And The Book Of Concealment'

'Ralph Cudworth'

'Rosicrucian Continental History'

'St. Martin's Philosophy Of Numbers'

'The Great Magic Agent Or The Mysteries Of The Astral Light - Pamphlet'

'The Place Of Freemasonry In The Rites Of Initiation'

'Some Christian Students Of The Holy Kabalah'

'The Book Of Purifying Fire'

'The Golden Wheel Of Fortune - Pamphlet'

'The Importance Of Ceremonial Magic'

'A Priest Of Stars'

'The Turba Philosophorum Also Called The Book Of Truth In The Art And The Third Pythagorical Synod'

'The Mystics As Professors Of Magical Art - Pamphlet'

'Crystallomancy And Secret Sciences In Connection With Magic - Pamphlet'

'The Five Illuminations Of Ideal Being'

'The German Cycle Of The Holy Grail'

'The Hermetic Doctrine Of Development'

'Of the New Alliance in Freemasonry'

'The Quest in Christian Ritual and Freemasonry'

'Rosicrucianism and Its Connection With Freemasonry'

'The Secret School And The Mystery Of The Holy Grail'

'Additional Grades Of Chivalry In The Scottish Rite - Pamphlet'

'Grand Pontiff'

'The Physical Theory And Practice Of The Magnum Opus - Pamphlet'

'Some Names Of Womanhood'

'Grades Of The Secret Masonic Tradition - Pamphlet'

'The Illuminati'

'The Progress Of Rosicrucianism In Germany'

'Mystic Aspects Of The Holy Grail Legend'

'A Mystagogical Quintology'

'The French Mystic'

'Henry More'

'J. B. Van Helmont - Pamphlet'

'Raymund Lully And The Universal Science - Pamphlet'

'Rumors Of The Mystic Quest'

'Theosophy And Magic'

'The Hierarchy And Classification Of Spirits - Pamphlet'

'John Frederick Helvetius'

'The Key Of Solomon The King - Pamphlet'

'A Modern Rosicrucian Order and Its Relationships to Freemasonry'

'Reflections Of The Mystical Term In Post Reformation Schools'

'Alchemy And Masonry - Pamphlet'

'Intendant Of The Building'

'Consecrations Of Life And Thought - Pamphlet'

'Early Latin Literature On Alchemy'

'Masonic Rosicrucian Developments'

'The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck'

'The Voice Of The Beloved - Pamphlet'

'Freemasonry In France'

'Jacob Bohme - Pamphlet'

'Raymund Lully The Hermetic Doctor - Pamphlet'

'Thomas Norton'

'The Higher Understanding'

'Jewish Theosophy'

'Modern Criticism Of The Kabalah And The Book Of Splendor - Pamphlet'

'The Occult Science Of Jewels'

'The Religion Of Evolution'

'The book of ceremonial magic' -- subject(s): Magic, Occultism, Demonology

'Alchemy As A Supernatural Science'

'The Inward Man'

'The All Wise Door Keeper Or A Fourfold Figure Exhibiting The Hermetic Science Of Things Above And Things Below'

'Astrological Prediction as Deduced From The Character Of The Sign Of The Zodiac Ascending At The Birth Of The Individual'

'Spanish And Portuguese Holy Grail Quests'

'The holy Kabbalah' -- subject(s): Cabala

'Concerning Grades Of New Religion And Of Swedenborgian Masonry'

'Denys Zachaire And Other Alchemists'

'The Masonic Rite Of Strict Observance'

'The Paradise Of Birds - Pamphlet'

'Universal Waite Tarot Deck and Book Set'

'White Magic And The Evocation Of Angels'

'Azoth or the Star in the East'

'Dionysian Mysteries'

'The Hours, Virtues, And Colors Of The Planets'

'The Masonic Grades Of Kabbalism'

'A Tract Of Great Price Concerning The Philosopher's Stone - Pamphlet'

'The book of black magic and of pacts' -- subject(s): Magic, Occultism

'The Faithful Shepherd - Pamphlet'

'The Kabalah And Esoteric Christianity - Pamphlet'

'Miniature Rider Waite Tarot Deck'

'Of Moses, The Master Of The Law And The Kabalah'

'The Serpent, Son Of The Morning, And Fall Of The Angels In The Kabalah'

'Symbolism Of The Castle Of The Holy Grail - Pamphlet'

'The Art Of Ruling By The Law Of Grace'

'A new encyclopaedia of Freemasonry (Ars magna latomorum) and of cognate instituted mysteries' -- subject(s): Encyclopedias, Freemasons


'A Day Of Betrothal In Faerie'

'Later Life And Writings of Louis Claude de Saint Martin - Pamphlet'

'The Path Of Reality'

'The Turba Philosophorum Or Assembly Of The Sages'

'Welsh And English Texts In The Holy Grail Legend'

'The Bells Of Faerie'

'The Coming Of Messiah And The Kabalah'

'Developments Of Later Kabbalism - Pamphlet'

'The Holy Vessel And Its Literature In The Holy Grail'

'Masonic Grades Antecedent To The Symbolic Time Of The Craft Degrees'

'The Three Epochs In The Treatment Of The Human Soul - Pamphlet'

'Edward Kelly the Englishman's Two Excellent Treatises on the Philosopher's Stone together with the Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy'

'Elfin Music' -- subject(s): Fairy poetry, English poetry

'The Exoteric Church'

'Hidden Things Of The Law'

'The Kabalah And Louis Claude de St. Martin'

'The Ministry Of Light'

'Of Divination By Dreams'

'Roger Bacon'

'The secret tradition in freemasonry and an analysis of the inter-relation between the craft and the high grades in respect to their term of research, expressed by the way of symbolism' -- subject(s): History, Freemasons

'Danish Freemasonry - Pamphlet'

'The Finding Of A World In Verse'

'The Gate And The Sanctuary'

'The Kabalah And The Hidden Things Of The Law'

'On Numbers And Their Virtues According To Magic - Pamphlet'

'The Putative Masonic Rite Of Ramsay'

'The Secret Of Freemasonry'

'The Absorption Of Quietism'

'The Book Of The Secret Word And The Higher Way To Fortune'

'The Evolution Of Masonic And Rosicrucian Rituals'

'A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Volume I'

'Agia In Explored Doctrine And The Rosy Cross'

'Biographical Life Of Edward Kelly'

'Ecossais Freemasonry - Pamphlet'

'Shadows of life and thought'

'Christian Symbolism In Connection With Temple Building'

'English Metrical Remains of Thomas Vaughan'

'The Holy Grail And The Mysteries Of Adonis'

'The Mason, James Anderson'

'The Masonic Grades Of St. Andrew'

'The Elixir Of Life And Secret Sciences In Connection With Magic - Pamphlet'

'Ancient Hermetic Books And The Way Of The Soul Therein - Pamphlet'

'The Art Of Invoking Spirits In The Crystal'

'Spiritual And Physical Alchemy'

'Devil-Worship in France'

'The Concealed Being - Pamphlet'

'The Date Of The Qabalistic Book Of Formation'

'The Paths Of Wisdom And The Gates Of Understanding - Pamphlet'

'The True Principles And Nature Of The Magnum Opus And Its Relation To Spiritual Chemistry'

'What Was The Lesser Holy Grail? - Pamphlet'

'Berigard Of Pisa, Giovanni Braccesco, Leonardi Fioravanti - Pamphlet'

'Dionysian Artificers'

'The Holy Kabalah And Magic'

'Masonic Ecstasy'

'Three famous mystics: Saint-Martin'

'The quest of the golden stairs' -- subject(s): Occultism, Fiction

'An Order Of The Spiritual Temple - Pamphlet'

'The Luminous Book - Pamphlet'

'The Mystery Of Shekinah'

'The Active And Intelligent Cause - Pamphlet'

'The Book Of Splendor'

'Evolution In The Light Of Mysticism'

'The Sophic Hydrolith Or Water Stone Of The Wise In Alchemy'

'Mystical Quest in Freemasonry'

'Colonial And Indian Masonry'

'Later Texts Of The Grail Legend'

'Book of Black Magic and Ceremonial Magic' -- subject(s): Magic

'Louis Claude de St. Martin'

'The Book of Truth in the Art and the Third Pythagorical Synod'

'Eternal Life Or The Peace Of God - Pamphlet'


'Albert Pike And Freemasonry'

'The Book Of Formation - Pamphlet'

'Eden And Masonry'

'Three Famous Alchemists'

'The Chief Masonic Rites And Their Systems'

'The Doctrinal Content Of The Kabalah'


'The Masonic Charter of Larmenius'

'The Hermetic And Alchemical Writings Of Paracelsus'

'The Door Of The Way - Pamphlet'

'The Magic Chain - Pamphlet'

'Masonic Tradition And The Royal Arch'

'Saint-Martin, the French mystic, and the story of modern Martinism, by Arthur Edward Waite'

'Aqua Vitae non Vitis'

'The Letters Of Edward Kelly The Famous To Alchemist'

'The Hermetic Rite Of Pernety'

'Minor Tracts Of The Zohar'

'Mystical Life And Doctrine - Pamphlet'

'The Rituals Of Black Magic'

'The Subject Or Matter Of The Philosophers - Pamphlet'

'Christianity And Catholicism - Pamphlet'

'The Divine Contemplation - Pamphlet'

'The Holy Grail, The Suppressed Word, And The Mystic Question'

'Mark Masonry - Pamphlet'

'The Holy Grail' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Knights and knighthood in literature, Legends, Literature, Medieval, Quests (Expeditions) in literature, Arthurian romances, Romances, Grail, Themes, motives, Galahad (Legendary character), Literature, Comparative, Medieval Literature, Comparative Literature

'The Early History Of Merlin - Pamphlet'

'Magical Practices'

'Sacramentalism Of Our Inward Nature'

'Antichrist And Freemasonry - Pamphlet'

'The Life Of Raymund Lully A Famous Alchemist'

'The secret doctrine in Israel' -- subject(s): Cabala, Zohar

'Mythical Rosicrucian Precursors'

'The Date And Authorship Of The Book Of Splendor'

'Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus, Part 1'

'The Kabalah And The Greater Holy Synod'

'The Rosicrucian Alchemical Nuptials'

'The State Of Mystical Philosophy In Germany At The Close Of The 16th Century - Pamphlet'

'The Covenant With Abraham And The Kabalah - Pamphlet'

'Grounds Of The Spiritual Practice - Pamphlet'

'The Kabalah And The Tarot'

'The Rosicrucians'

'Three Credos of Eliphas Levi - Pamphlet'

'Lascaris - Pamphlet'

'Masonic Magical And Kabalistical Degrees'

'The Science Of Hermes And The Universal Medicine - Pamphlet'

'Mysticism As A Practical Science - Pamphlet'

'The Foundation Of The Higher Magia - Pamphlet'

'The Hermetic Axiom And The Theory Of Willpower - Pamphlet'

'The Kabalah And The Doctrine Of The Four Worlds'

'The Rosicrucian Fama Fraternitatas'

'The Secret Tradition In Christian Times'

'St. Martin'

'Count Cagliostro'

'The Garden Of Venus And The Mystery Of Sex - Pamphlet'

'Gustenhover, Busardier, An Anonymous Adept, and Albert Belin - Pamphlet'

'Kabalistic Tradition And Masonry'

'Necromancy And The Evocation Of The Souls Of The Dead'

'Recent Editions Of The Suggested Inquiry An Alchemical Treatise'

'Rosicrucians And The Rose-Croix'

'The Development Of Rosicrucian Literature'

'Knorr Von Rosenroth And The Kabalah - Pamphlet'

'Masonic Orders Of Chivalry Apart From Templar Grades'

'The Second Holy House of Freemasonry'

'The Unprinted Literature Of Ceremonial Magic - Pamphlet'

'The Chymical Marriage Of Christian Rosencreutz'

'How To Find Lucky Numbers With Dice - Pamphlet'

'The Latin Literature Of Alchemy And The Hermetic Secret'

'Masonic Grades And The Symbolical Time Of The Third Degree'

'Alchemical Writings of Edward Kelly'

'The Monk Ferarius - Pamphlet'

'Ancient York Masonry'

'Mysteries Of The Pentagram And Other Pantacles - Pamphlet'

'Kabbalism And Secret Sciences In Connection With Magic - Pamphlet'

'Occult Science In Masonry'

'The Testimony Of The Natural Man'

'Alchemy And Secret Sciences In Connection With Magic'


'Mysteries Of Ancient Initiations'

'Angels In Masonic Ritual'

'The Magical Method Of Honorius'

'The Mystery Of Dreams'

'The Key Of Mesmerism - Pamphlet'

'Non-Masonic Rites'

'The Synthesis Of Religious Belief'

'Famous English Philosophers And Alchemists'

'Hermetic Mysteries'

'The Mystical Poet's Glass Of Vision'

'Rider Waite Tarot'

'Sir George Ripley'

'Supernatural Goodness'

'Analogies And Distinctions Of Attainment And Records Of Eastern Mysticism'

'Speculations On Philosophical Gold'

'The Great Magical Arcana - Pamphlet'

'The Place Of Freemasonry And The Rites Of Initiation'

'Some Axioms Of Transcendental Science'

'Lives of the alchemystical philosophers' -- subject(s): Alchemy