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J. H. Bettey has written:

'Wessex from AD 1000' -- subject(s): History

'The Island and Royal Manor of Portland'

'Church and parish' -- subject(s): Church history, Church of England, Historiography, Parishes

'Church & community' -- subject(s): Church history, Parishes, Religious life and customs

'Estates and the English Countryside (Know the Landscape)'

'Dorset' -- subject(s): History

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Charles Wyllys Betts is a journalist and author who has written on a variety of topics including diving, history, and nature. Some of his notable works include "Deep Bahamas" and "A Man, A Can, A Plan".

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C. Wyllys Betts has written:

'American colonial history illustrated by contemporary medals' -- subject(s): Medals, History, Numismatics

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Charles Wyllys Betts has written:

'Thomas Betts (1618-1688) and his descendants'

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Reginald Robert Betts has written:

'Central and South East Europe 1945-1948'

'Essays in Czech history. --' -- subject(s): Middle Ages, 600-1500, Church history

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Q: What has the author Charles Wyllys Betts written?
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