What has the author Colin Thiele written?

Colin Thiele has written:
'The Mystery of the Black Pyramid'
'The seed's inheritance'
'The Hammerhead Light' -- subject- s -: Fiction, Lighthouses, Australia in fiction, Sea stories, Lighthouses in fiction
'Emma Keppler'
'Lincoln's place'
'Charlie Vet's Pet - Connections Pre-school -'
'Aftershock - The Sequel To Shatterbelt'
'Flip-Flop and Tiger Snake' -- subject- s -: Children's stories
'With dew on my boots & other footprints' -- subject- s -: Australian Authors, Authors, Australian, Biography, Childhood and youth, Germans, Homes and haunts, Social life and customs
'Pannikin & Pinta/River Murray Mary'
'The shadow on the hills' -- subject- s -: Fiction, Farm life, Friendship
'Rotten Egg Paterson to the rescue' -- subject- s -: Fiction, Emus
'Stories short and tall'
'Man in a landscape'
'The golden lightning'
'The Bight' -- subject- s -: Description and travel, Views
'Twilight Ghost'
'Blue Fin' -- subject- s -: Fiction, Fathers and sons in fiction, Sea stories, Children's stories, Fishers, Fishers in fiction, Fathers and sons
'Rim of the Morning'
'Sharks in the shadows'
'Barossa Valley Sketchbook'
'One-act plays for secondary schools' -- subject- s -: Drama, Collections
'Grains of mustard seed' -- subject- s -: Public schools, History
'Seashores and shadows' -- subject- s -: Fiction, Sharks, Sea stories
'Jodie's journey' -- subject- s -: Fiction, Rheumatoid arthritis, Horses, Fires, People with disabilities
'Dangerous secret'
'Valley Between'
'Fight Against Albatross Two'
'Danny's egg' -- subject- s -: Fiction, Emus in fiction, Bullies in fiction, Eggs, Bullies, Emus, Eggs in fiction, Australia in fiction
'Maneater man' -- subject- s -: Fishers, Shark fishing, Biography
'The best of Colin Thiele' -- subject- s -: Literary collections