What has the author Dan Cohn-Sherbok written?

Dan Cohn-Sherbok has written:

'Holocaust Theology' -- subject(s): Holocaust (Jewish theology), Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)

'Tradition and Unity - Sermons Published in Honour of Robert Runcie (Canterbury Papers)'

'Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism'

'The Palestine-Israeli conflict' -- subject(s): Arab-Israeli conflict, History, Palestinian Arabs

'What's a Nice Jewish Boy Like You Doing in a Place Like This?' -- subject(s): Biography, Rabbis

'Israel' -- subject(s): History

'Understanding the Holocaust'

'Jewish & Christian mysticism' -- subject(s): Mysticism, History, Judaism

'Modern Judaism' -- subject(s): 19th century, 20th century, History, Jewish sects, Judaism

'The Vision of Judaism' -- subject(s): History, Judaism, Reform Judaism

'Issues in contemporary Judaism' -- subject(s): Christianity, Christianity and other religions, Judaism, Relations