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Giano Accame has written:

'Ezra Pound economista' -- subject(s): Economics, Economics in literature, Knowledge, History

'Una storia della Repubblica' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Economic conditions, Center parties, Right and left (Political science)

'La morte dei fascisti' -- subject(s): Fascist Propaganda, Fascism, Death, Fascists, History

'Il potere del denaro svuota le democrazie' -- subject(s): Democracy, Money, Political aspects, Political aspects of Money, Power (Social Sciences)

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Giano Accame (1928-2009) was an Italian writer known for his works on politics, philosophy, and cultural criticism. Some of his notable books include "The society of junk" and "For the world to come." Accame was a strong advocate for individual freedom and critical thinking in his writings.

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Q: What has the author Giano Accame written?
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