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Jacques. Derrida has written:

'Le monolinguisme de l'autre'

'Aprender Por Fin a Vivir'

'Given Time'

'Copy, archive, signature' -- subject(s): Interviews, Philosophy, Photography

'Nietzsche aus Frankreich'

'Without Alibi (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics)' -- subject(s): Deconstruction

'Pardonner' -- subject(s): Ethics, Forgiveness

'Donner le temps' -- subject(s): Gifts, Gifts in literature

'Otobiographies' -- subject(s): United States, Liberty


'Edmund Husserl's Origin of geometry' -- subject(s): Phenomenology

'Politik der Freundschaft'

'Dissemination (Continuum Impacts)'

'Die Schrift und die Differenz'

'Marx en jeu'

'Feu la cendre' -- subject(s): Homonyms, Ambiguity, Plays on words, Play on words

'De la grammatologie' -- subject(s): Langage et langues, Language and languages, Philosophie, Philosophy, Writing

'Marges de la philosophie'

'Khra (Incises)'

'Schibboleth pour Paul Celan' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation

'La voix et le phenomene'

'El Tiempo'

'Echographies of Television'

'Vergessen wir nicht die Psychoanalyse'

'Supplement to Glyph II'

'de La Gramatologia - 5* Edicion (Teoria)'

'Islam and the West' -- subject(s): East and West, Interviews, Philosophy, Political science

'Interpreting signatures (Nietzsche/Heidegger):Two questions'

'El Lenguaje Y Las Instituciones Filosoficas'

'La scrittura e la differenza' -- subject(s): Philosophy

'Points de suspension'

'Tourner les mots' -- subject(s): D'ailleurs, Derrida

'Spectres de Marx' -- subject(s): Post-communism, Communism

'Der ununterbrochene Dialog'

'Memoires' -- subject(s): Criticism

'Who's afraid of philosophy?' -- subject(s): Philosophy

'The Last Interview'


'Of hospitality' -- subject(s): Strangers, Hospitality

'De l'espirit'


'La Voz y El Fenomeno'

'Otro Cabo, El'

'On Touching-Jean-luc Nancy' -- subject(s): Touch, Criticism and interpretation, Sense (Philosophy)

'L' oreille de l'autre' -- subject(s): Congresses, Autobiography, Translating and interpreting

'Espectros De Marx'

'A Derrida reader' -- subject(s): French Philosophy

'La Escritura y La Diferencia'

'Dar La Muerte'

'Reframing the Frame of Reason'

'On colleges and philosophy'

'Archive fever' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, Memory (Philosophy)

'The Gift of Death'

'Monolingualism of the other, or, The prosthesis of origin' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Language and languages

'Questioning Judaism'

'Archive Fever' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, Memory (Philosophy)

'Marx en jeu'

'Who's afraid of philosophy?' -- subject(s): Philosophy

'Sauf le nom'

'Positions (Question What You Thought Before)' -- subject(s): Philosophers, Interviews

'Adieu. Nachruf auf Emmanuel Levinas'

'Speech and phenomena, and other essays on Husserl's theory of signs' -- subject(s): Phenomenology, Difference (Philosophy), Meaning (Philosophy), Signs and symbols

'Points de suspension' -- subject(s): Philosophy

'The Animal That Therefore I Am (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy)'

'En direct du couloir de la mort'

'Geneses, genealogies, genres, and genius' -- subject(s): Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.), Criticism and interpretation

'Cinders' -- subject(s): Homonyms, Ambiguity, Plays on words, Play on words


'Rights of Inspection'

'Case Vide'

'The gift of death' -- subject(s): Gifts, Generosity, Responsibility

'Sovereignties in question' -- subject(s): Aesthetics

'Oreille de l'autre' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Autobiography, Interviews, Translating and interpreting

'Papier machine' -- subject(s): Social aspects, Modern Philosophy, Social aspects of Writing, Writing

'Deconstruction in a nutshell' -- subject(s): Interviews, Philosophers, Deconstruction

'Glas' -- subject(s): Philosophy, French, French Philosophy

'L' oreille de l'autre' -- subject(s): Congresses, Autobiography, Translating and interpreting

'La carte postale' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Literature, Poetry, Psychoanalysis and philosophy

'Points...: Interviews, 1974-1994 (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics)'

'De quoi demain ... Dialogues'

'El Siglo Y El Perdon/ the Century and Forgiveness'

'Ethics, Institutions, and the Right to Philosophy'

'Memoires for Paul de Man'

'D'un ton apocalyptique'

'The Gift of Death, Second Edition & Literature in Secret'

'De la grammatologie'

'The Truth in painting' -- subject(s): Aesthetics

'La Universidad Sin Condicion (Minima Trotta)'

'Como No Hablar'

'Surtout pas de journalistes' -- subject(s): Mass media in religion, Religious aspects of Mass media, Mass media, Christianity

'Memoirs of the blind'

'Leben ist Uberleben' -- subject(s): Philosophy, OUR Brockhaus selection

'Jacques Derrida'

'Margenes De La Filosofia (Teorema Serie Mayor)'

'Estados de Animo del Psicoanalisis / Wisiiii'

'Acts of literature' -- subject(s): Literature, Deconstruction, Philosophy, History and criticism

'Speech and Phenomena OP'

'Dissemination' -- subject(s): Philosophy

'Kosmopolitike' -- subject(s): Internationalism, Cosmopolitanism, Hospitality

'L'Ethique du don: Jacques Derrida et la pensee du don'

'Spurs : Nietzsche's styles =' -- subject(s): Style, Language and languages

'Voyous' -- subject(s): Nation-state, Reason, Democracy, Legitimacy of governments, Sovereignty, Rule of law


'No Escribo Sin Luz Artificial'

'Introduccion a El Origen de La Geometria de Husse'

'Memoirs of the blind' -- subject(s): Blind in art, Philosophy, Visual perception, Drawing, Aesthetics

'Ecografias de La Television'

'Spurs' -- subject(s): Style, Language and languages


'The other heading'


'Moscou aller-retour' -- subject(s): Philosophers, Intellectual life, Interviews, Civilization, Modern Philosophy

'Dissemination' -- subject(s): Philosophy

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Jacques Derrida was a French philosopher who is known for developing the concept of deconstruction in his works. Some of his notable writings include "Of Grammatology," "Writing and Difference," and "Margins of Philosophy." Derrida's ideas have had a significant influence on fields such as literary theory, philosophy, and cultural studies.

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Q: What has the author Jacques Derrida written?
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Marcos Siscar has written: 'Jacques Derrida'

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What is Jacques Derrida's birthday?

Jacques Derrida was born on July 15, 1930.

When was Jacques Derrida born?

Jacques Derrida was born on July 15, 1930.

When did Jacques Derrida die?

Jacques Derrida died on October 8, 2004 at the age of 74.

How old was Jacques Derrida at death?

Jacques Derrida died on October 8, 2004 at the age of 74.

What is French Philosopher Jacques Derrida known for?

Jacques Derrida was known as the founder of deconstruction. Refer to the links below for further information.

How old is Jacques Derrida?

Jacques Derrida was born on July 15, 1930 and died on October 8, 2004. Jacques Derrida would have been 74 years old at the time of death or 85 years old today.

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