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James Freeman Dana has written:

'Outlines of the mineralogy and geology of Boston and its vicinity, with a geological map' -- subject(s): Mineralogy, Geology

'An epitome of chymical philosophy' -- subject(s): Chemistry

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When did James Freeman Dana die?

James Freeman Dana died in 1827.

When was James Freeman Dana born?

James Freeman Dana was born in 1793.

What has the author Dana James Demorest written?

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What has the author Dana Marble written?

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What has the author Dana Maria Manu written?

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What has the author Rose Dana written?

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What has the author Dana Kahan written?

Dana Kahan has written: 'Ignoring probative incriminatory evidence'

What has the author Michael Dana Gioia written?

Michael Dana Gioia has written: 'Letter to the Bahamas'

What has the author Nathan Dana Taylor written?

Nathan Dana Taylor has written: 'Sunset and morning'

What has the author Dana E Blozis written?

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What has the author Richard Dana written?

Richard Dana has written: 'Death of a millionaire' 'Shadow valley'

What has the author William Starr Dana written?

William Starr Dana has written: 'How to know the wild flowers'

What has the author Dana M Sheahan written?

Dana M. Sheahan has written: 'A qualitative journey into cyberspace'

What has the author Dana Burnett written?

Dana Burnett has written: 'Poems' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What has the author Nancy Dana written?

Nancy Dana has written: 'Successful breastfeeding' -- subject(s): Breastfeeding

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