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Ralph S. Solecki was an archaeologist and anthropologist known for his work in the field of Neanderthal Archaeology. He famously discovered the Shanidar Cave in Iraq, where he found the remains of a Neanderthal burial. Solecki authored numerous scholarly articles and books on the subject of Neanderthals and prehistoric human societies.

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Ralph S. Solecki has written:

'Archaeological reconnaissances north of the Brooks Range in northeastern Alaska' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Eskimos, Indians of North America, Paleo-Indians

'The proto-neolithic cemetery in Shanidar Cave' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Burial, Excavations (Archaeology), Human remains (Archaeology), Neanderthals

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Richard J. Spehalski has written:

'Mariner Mars 1964 mechanical configuration' -- subject(s): Project Mariner (U.S.)

'Mariner IV mechanical operations' -- subject(s): Project Mariner (U.S.)

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Q: What has the author Ralph S Solecki written?
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