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It's a day in the history of the U.S.A. that will never be forgotten. It was so unexpected it left not only the government, but society as a whole feeling vulnerable and terrified. Terrorists have been around for a long while, but this was the biggest threat on American soil. 9/11 changes the lives of not only Americans, but people all over the world. It reminded us that no country is safe and it woke up Western countries out of the fog they were in believing the opposite (we were snug and out of reach .. this includes Canada.) Psychiatry boomed up by another 70% or more because it was such a trauma to those affected by it by lost loved-ones and to those in society as a whole. It's terrifying to live in a large city in the U.S.A. and wonder when the next hit will come and now we're staring down the barrel of germ warfare. As always, although 9/11 will certainly never be forgotten and one should never forget the heroes (every day citizens) during that day, people in the U.S. and Canada or any other country that was involved in the World Trade Center are strong and will NEVER be beaten if we stick together. There is absolutely no room for terrorism in any way, shape or form. One good thing that did come out of this is people banding together helping each other and because of this we must never forget and honor those who have passed away by moving on in life, making our countries better and fighting against terrorism.

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Q: What have been the bad long-term results of September 11?
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