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What have immigrants done to benefit the US?

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America since, as discovered by Christopher Columbus who called it Indies, as revealed in his book A NEW WORLD REVEALED, has been a country of immigrants who brought cultural diversity, new traditions, languages, knowledge experience etc. etc. from their respective countries to develop America into a strong Nation.

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the things he done for us

no, immigrants do not benefit from the healthcare bill

You are obviously an immigrant. I suggest you reword that question if you would like a proper answer.

Its also benefit because legal immigrants have long come to America seeking a fair chance to contribute. The process have enriched our culture and strengthened the nation.Immigration is benefit society because the United State is keeping all the bad stuff away from us and helping us with house, food, money, jobs, schools and a lot more.

the immigrants brang food, instruments and technology

when will a cost benefit analysis be done

Illegal immigrants hang the US flag upside down as an act of defiance and protest. They do this when they want a law or ordinance changed so that it will benefit them.

Legal immigrants have to apply to the US government for permission to immigrate. Illegal immigrants sneak in.

Immigrants come to the US every year. There has never been a single year of US history in which there were no immigrants.

Depends. But if the immigrants are in that country legally they should have the same benefits if not less.

I do not believe the US is opposed to accepting immigrants. It is opposed to immigrants who enter illegally.

The most recent study done in 2008 concluded most immigrants entering the US came from Mexico, India and the Philippines also the dominican republic

immigrants help the government

Immigrants have no good jobs and their family sometimes lives in the US.

Poor people and immigrants did not benefit while large business and rich people did

Unless the US citizen is a Native American, all other US citizens are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Native American make-up 1%-2% of the total US population.

The second largest immigrant group in the US is Chinese immigrants, who make up 4.7% of all immigrants.

some of the things they have done for us is their language they help people that dont speak english in stors or other places so that they dont go awy and that way the busnisse dont lose money

Immigrants coming to the US are sponsored are sponsored by family members or employers.

Most immigrants derived from Europe

There were plenty of immigrants that came to the US before 1860. These immigrants were most often people from Europe looking for a better life.

Ghettos were ethnic neighborhoods that provided familiarity (novanet)

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