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it aused malnutrition

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2012-02-09 23:46:37
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Q: What health problem did food shortages cause in Cuba?
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Major problems in cuba?

Cubas biggest problem is tropical storms and food shortages. youre welcome(: kbye.<3

What are the major problems that face cuba?

food shortages, tropical weather and smuggling

Who is the Minister of Public Health for Cuba?

Roberto Morales Ojeda is the Minister of Public Health for Cuba.

What is the cost of health insurance in Cuba?

"Health insurance" as a business does not exist in Cuba. Cuba has a national health system that is free to all it's citizens, so insurance would have no purpose. Health care is dispensed on the basis of need.

What Health care do they have in Cuba?

actually the government of cuba pays for there healthcare

What problems did Cuba have after fidel Castro?

well cuba had an authority problem with fidel castro and also we had a problem. plus fidel lied to cuba

Do Cuban people get health care?

Yes. Cuba has a national health care system.

Why were in missiles in Cuba such a big problem for the US?

The presence of Soviet Missiles on Cuba was a problem at the time because Cuba is only a few hundred miles from the US Coast, easily within reach.

Does Cuba have a drug problem?

yes cuba hs a large problem with drug cartells such as heroin and cocaine and a little marojuana and this was answered by Ryan welch!!!

Is school free in cuba?

Yes, and cheap health care

How long do you have go to school in Cuba?

You go to school in Cuba for 10 years...I know that cause my dad told me and he's from Cuba.

What is health care like in Cuba?

Health care in Cuba is covered by the government. It has the the highest life expectancy rate of 78 years of age and the lowest number of infant deaths in the world.

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