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What high school classes or other training after school jobs volunteer opportunities or extracurricular activities would be good experience for veterinarians?

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Recommendations for High School:

English: A good, strong background is essential

for university level English classes but you must also be able to

write and communicate if you hope to do well in science courses.

This is especially true for biology! SAT scores must be 450 or

higher or else remedial courses will be required.

Math: You need to have a good background in algebra and

trigonometry. Some calculus will be beneficial if offered at your

school. SAT scores to enter 200 level math (calculus) are 620 or

higher. SAT of 460-600 will put you into 100 level courses and you

lose time in your pre-veterinary training. SAT of 440 or below

means you must start in remedial courses and you should seek

counsel on whether you should pursue a professional degree.

Physics: YES Physics! It is well worth your time to take

this in high school. Veterinary schools require at least 1 or 2

semesters of University level physics.

Chemistry: There is a heavy chemistry requirement in

pre-veterinary medicine. Be prepared or you will have to take

remedial courses.

Biology: This is obvious and everyone knows you must take

high school biology. Do not be disappointed when you discover that

your first few years of university have few biology courses. The

veterinary curriculum is mostly biology so the veterinary schools

do not require many courses in the pre-veterinary years.

Other courses: Anything that will give you a well rounded


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