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I totally agree with the other poster. Don't you remember as a kid saying "Fly away, fly away your house is on fire" and then blowing on a ladybug so she'd fly away?" They are good for your garden. If they come into the house just pick them up carefully and take them outside and blow on them and they'll fly away. I just posted also to say that the Peonie bush needs small ants to also open the buds. I never knew that when I first moved into my home and was trying to get rid of them. Now I just let them do their job and I love seeing ladybugs or butterflies or bees in my garden. Marcy are you certain that you want to get rid of them? Actually, they eat aphids. If they couldn't find any aphids to eat they would leave. The fact that they are hanging around indicates that the ladybugs are doing something beneficial.

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Q: What home methods help get rid of ladybugs?
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What insects get rid of aphids?

Well the only insect I know that get rid of aphids are ladybugs. Aphids are on the ladybugs diet list.I hope my answer helped!! :)

What kind of animals help the environment?

Insect and other animals help the environment.If you think that is all well think again.There are ladybugs they help you get rid of all the pest in your garden, if you have a garden.

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How insects help us?

Some insects, like ladybugs get rid of crop-eating aphids, mosquito eaters eat pesky mosquitos, bees help make honey to eat, caterpillars get rid of tiny insects like flies. -Louise

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How do you get rid of aphids on tomato plants?

get ladybugs or spray the plants with a mild soap

How do you get rid of ladybugs?

Are you sure they are ladybugs? If they are, NEVER kill them!! They are beneficial insects for the garden. If they are in your house, take them outside. They eat aphids among other things.

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How can you get rid of lots of ladybugs?

Use a "shop vacuum". This type of vacuum is easy to use for collect ladybugs. When using this to vacuum up ladybugs, use a clean bag or pad the bottom with a cloth. After all is clean, release the unwelcome guests outside.

How do you attract ladybugs?

There are many ways to attract ladybugs. Try to keep flowers like pot marigolds, chives, Cosmos, dandelion, dill, Feverfew, marigold, sea lavender, Musturd, and Sweet alyssum. All these are attractive for ladybugs. If you want ladybugs to rid aphids, you can get them from a store to make this a whole lot easier.

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How do you get rid of ladybug infestation in the garden?

Not sure you want to! Ladybugs eat aphids and other insects that can harm your plants. Some garden supply houses sell ladybugs to fight them without chemicals.

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Look For a Company that has to do with bugs-------- Text 118 118 And ask them

Will peppermint oil get rid of ladybugs?

Yes, peppermint oil can get rid of ladybugs. The insects in question (Coccinellidae family) count among the world's animals that dislike the oil's strong smell. Peppermint oil drops and particles tend to clear a room and a yard of many an arthropod, beneficial or otherwise.

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Many home and garden stores have foggers that will help to eliminate insects around the yard. Burning citronella candles will also help to rid the yard of pests.

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What bug can you use to get rid of ladybugs?

I can't imagine anyone wanting to get rid of ladybugs. The number of aphids and spider mites they consume more than makes up for any possible annoyance they might cause. If you have lots of them, that means they are finding lots of food -- i.e., the aphids and spider mites they eat. If you take out the ladybugs, their food supply will probably grow out of control very quickly, and then you'll have a lot bigger problem.That said, I think praying mantis (insects of the order Mantodea) might feed on ladybugs, but I'm not sure. I've just never come across anyone wanting to eliminate the ladybugs!

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