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What i can do to remedy the situation or make it less painful when my husband doesn't know if he loves me anymore and doesn't know why we have only been married 9 months and I am 7 months pregnant?


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September 07, 2007 5:00PM

Take care of yourself and your unborn child. You can't control your husband and you certainly can't change him. If you can get couseling - do so. If not rely on your friends to help you through this. I don't know what brought this on....but the timing stinks. Why did he choose NOW to tell you this? Go to your local church, they usually have some type of counseling available, and can provide help if needed with the child. I answered the first part of this; not the second. If you belong to a church - fine. If not there are other resources...ask friends or neighbors. Sharing your pain usually helps. Others are there for you if you ask. Your main concern should be you and your child. If your husband is in a "panic mode" because of so many responsibilities so soon he definitely needs help. His action is not that of a mature loving man. But, he is, perhaps, not as strong as you and is overwhelmed. This is not an EXUCSE; just a reason.