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If a girl says she loves you and then changes the subject, that doent mean she doesnt love you. She probably loves you so much that she was nervous to tell you. It is always nervous telling some one you love them. Just take it herd on her.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-24 01:44:51
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Q: What if a girl tells you she loves you and then changes the subject?
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What does it mean if a girl tells her friend that she loves you?

the girl likes u

What does a guy mean when he tells a girl he more than likes her?

When a guy tells a girl that, he more than likes her, he means that he loves her and is ready for a relationship with that girl.

A guy tells you that he loves you but got another girl pregnant?

This is not a question.

How will you know if a girl loves you?

She will tell you.When a girl tells you they love you they mean it. (: ~lawliet x

What does it mean if a boy tells a girl he loves her?

It means that the boy wants the girl to be his boyfriend or marry him.

What if you accuse your bf of cheating but he denies it what if he denies even liking the girl and he tells you he loves you?

Then he probably is cheating on you and he told you he loved you to change the subject and make you frget about it

What do you do if a girl you don't know tells your boyfriend that she loves him and she knows that you go out with him?

i will not tolerate and i will leave that girl which is not mine..

If a girl tells you everyday she loves you more than anything and even her sister tells you that she tells her that she really does and she is everything to you what should you do?

Tell her how you feel

What does a girl do if she tells a boy she loves him and he says 'Forget it'?

she'll cry!

Why did he hold you kisses you tells you he loves you then goes out with another girl?

He wanted to kiss you.

How does a girl get the guy who dumped her for another girl back?

if she loves him then she tells him her true feelings and tells him everything that she can see in her future yet if the guy had no feelings for her she will never get him back

What do you do if another girl tells your boyfriend that she loves him and he lets her talk to to him?

Depends whether you like her!

How does a boy know if a girl loves him?

By the way she acts and talks to him. If she says "I love you" sincerely, she loves you. If she always wants to be with you, she loves you. If she tells you cute things and buys you cute things, she loves you.

Girl tells you she loves you i dont think she does?

it is very cruel.because also i love a boy.but he hate me.

Is it bad if a straight girl tells a gay guy that she loves him?

It's not bad, but the straight girl is setting herself up for heartache.

What should you do if a girl tells you she loves you everyday?

I think you need to be more descriptive with your question. Because I don't see anything wrong with a girl telling you she loves you everyday. Unless, you don't feel the same way about her, or something. If not, then be grateful she tells you that. No one else might...

What if a boy tells you he likes you but then says he loves another girl what do i do?

When did he say these things? and are you guys dating? My opinion is that if he loves another girl, forget him. It's not fair to have a boyfriend who's "cheating" on you, even if you know he is.

What are some songs that express when a girl loves a guy and he doesn't love her back?

I remember a Indian sond named Leja leja. It tells that how a girl loves someone but he doesn't reply back hopefully

If a girl says she loves you but doesn't feel comfortable with you how do you make her physically attracted to you if she tells you how she wants to marry you and have kids and knows names already?

go out with another girl, if she loves you she will become jealous and begin getting comfortable with you.

If a boy kisses a girl then tells another girl he loves her who does he like?

He likes the girl he kisses unless it was an he didn't mean to kiss that girl. or he likes the girl he kisses and lies and says he like someone else

How do you know when a someone truly loves you?

a girl truly loves you when she tells you how she feels about you, but it depends. its true love when you can each imagine being in peace while holding each other.

Why he cant admit to me his ex girlfriend of 4 years about him seeing another girl We were broken up when he met her but he still tells me he loves me?

sometimes it can be crazy in relationships ask him y he still loves u and then ask about the other girl rock on

What will you do if a guy who loves you tells you i saw your boyfriend wiv a girl are you goin 2 litten 2 him or not and what if what he is sayin is true?

Probly I dnt think any guy tht loves u wild want u unhappy Signed a girl

If a boy has a girl and he tells you that he loves you but can't seem to break up with her does that mean that he is trying to play you?

Means that he is simply being a boy.

What does it mean when a guy tells you he really likes a girl and then changed his mind in 2 days?

it means that he wants to play hard to get and he loves you