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What if a shy guy shows interest in you but only wants to be friends?


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I don't think that most shy guys who get up the nerve to show interest just want to be friends. Take the initiative yourself if you like the guy to go to the next level. It might be just the push he needs out the door. Just be gentle if you find you don't like the turtle after you get him out of his shell. Otherwise, some lucky gal down the road might miss out on a great catch.


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then just be friends it is the closest you are going to get if that is all he or she wants

The normal expectation, at least among the heterosexual majority, is that if a girl just wants to be friends, she is always free to make friends with other girls. If she is making friends with a boy, she would be expected to have an interest in the masculinity of that boy.

It's the murder of the pawnbroker and her sister.

His personalty. If he kisses you but still only wants to be friends, it's because that is how he choosed to show affection.

It is absolutely okay to cry, but you should also remember that for every girl who wants to cry because guys only want to be their friends, there's a guy who is probably just as bummed that girls only want to be their friends.

Some people have believed so, but in Twilight Princess they are only friends. Actually in most games, he shows love interest in Zelda, but in that particular game the Zelda creators meant to make Link show no love interest at all.

The only way to know if a guess thinks that you are cute and wants to be more than friends is to ask him.

No sorry he only wants to be freinds with destiny

she's telling you that you're giving her a creepy vibe and she wants you to understand you are ONLY friends and that's all she wants to be.

She should be so lucky. Most institutions will only lend with interest charged on a compound basis.

Only as friends. Temari is hinted as his future love interest.

people you know well and who shares your interest.

No. You can only know someone wants to be friends with you if you get a friend request.

It means just that - he only wants to be friends. If he wanted it to be more he would have let you known. Even if he is sexually involved with you he still only wants to be friends. Men look at relationships differently than women do. Some men are afraid to settle down.

Become more social with him,ask him if he wants to go somewhere as "friends" then tell him a few days later that you have feelings for him and so on. But he just wants to be friends so be his friend. You never know where that may lead.

It means she only likes you as a friend and wants to stay friends unless she tells you that shes in love with you but still wants to be friends then theres a whole bunch of other theories.She doesn't want to date you. She likes you as a friend nothing more. (:

If a girl likes you but only wants to be friends, she will give direct hints. She will talk to you as usual but won't go in personal matters.

When he only wants to be friends, he will tease you until you become better friends. Once good friends, he will trust you will information, maybe about a girl he likes or his beliefs. If he wants to be more than friends, he will keep teasing you and trying to be with you. Soon enough, if you seem to be the only girl he demonstrates this behavior with, something could come out of this relationship.

yes but he doesnt and he only wants to be friends with her i love nick Jonas

when she tells you that,or you talk to her privatly and ask her

The second number means you have 2 friends, and the first means what it is showing. It means you have 2 friends, but is only showing one.

a) he might want to be more than friends b) he is probably wanting to state that he only wants to be friends

No, friends in common only shows when another person goes on your profile Friends in common is a module that basicially shows your friends on bebo who you and that person are friends with. So say you know someone and your friend knows them too and you both have them as a friend. That person would go in your Friends In Common Module

He only wants to be friends. He's a nice guy so he talks to you, but he isn't in love with you

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