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i think it would be awkward the first might bump each others noses, before you got the hang of it.

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Did people come before the dinosaurs?

They were first.

Who saw the first turtle?

Turtles evolved far before people, so there were no people there to see the first turtle.

Who were the first people to live on Canada?

French. ===== Ummm, I think the people of the First Nations were here long before the French arrived -- thousands of years before the French arrived.

Can you get dizzy before your very first period and do you get very gassy before your very first period?

Yes but for some people are different

Who were Canadas first people?

the vicking were the first before the french explores took over

What were the Baptist people before the 1500s?

There were no Baptists before the 1500s. The first Baptist church was in 1609.

Why is nylon important?

It was the first synthetically (chemically) made fabric. Before then, people had to use cotton and wool. It was the first synthetically (chemically) made fabric. Before then, people had to use cotton and wool.

How did the first people get here?

Christopher Columbus brought the first white people to the Americas. There was already Native Indians that lived here first before anyone.

When did people first come to Alabama?

Native Americans lived in Alabama before people from Europe did.

Were dinosaurs or people on earth first?

The dinosaurs were on earthe and had already disappeared before people evolved.

Who were the people who were in New Zealand before the Maori?

The Maori were the first people to inhabit New Zealand.

What people were most important to the development of computers before the First Generation of computers?

many people many people

When did people first domesticate horses?

Back before the Roman Times.

What did people use before the first camera?

sittings for painters to paint them

Why do Chinese people say their last name before their first?


What allowed the first people to settle?

Farming allowed the first people in settle in one location. Before farming, people had to hunt for their food, which meant they were constantly on the move.

Where was water first discovered?

It was here before people, so whomever got here first. "discovered " it.

Which country do gay first started?

There have been gay people long before there were countries. The first "country" in the world, whatever that was, would have had gay people in it.

Where can you get mercurial vaporsthe first ones?

nowhere except on eBay from people who have had them before

Who created blacksmithing?

The first iron age people. This was before written history.

When did people and dogs first start working together?

Before 13,000 BC

What year did people first live in Louisiana before it was a state?

year 1810

Was there mythology before Adam and eve?

Yes. Because they had to teach things,just as the bible tells you.

Does Chinese people write their last name before their first name?

The family name comes first, then the individual's.

Which people inhabited New Zealand before the maoris?

The Maori were the first people to settle the islands of New Zealand.