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Its obvious he likes you

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Q: What if he always stares at you when youre not looking at him?
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How could you tell a girl likes a boy?

A girl will always talk about him and stares at him or looking for him

There is this guy who i see very often and everytime we see each other he always stares at me we havent ever spoken yet but the way he stares its just extremely noticeable does this guy like me?

yes it does mean he does or he think youre really cute

What if a popular guy stares at you a lot?

he may like you ur think youre weird

Does a guy like you if he always stares at you?

Most likely but be carefully if he looking all the time because he could be a bit crazy.

How do you know if a guy likes you in 4th grade?

He always stares at you when your not looking .when he talks to you he strares into your eyes he always tells you that he beat up a guy ( if he is a hotty skatter dude !)

Does a boy like you if he always stares at you?

Well. sometimes it can happen if he stares at you , and you look at him when he stares he might look away because he can be shy

What does it mean if a girl stares at a group of boys for a whille then stares at you we you are not looking at her?

she likes you or you have something funny or disgusting on you

What are Non verbal signs a guy really likes you?

He constantly stares at you he is always hanging around you He is looking at your lips when he talk to you. He is asking for your MSN

What does it mean if a girl always stares at you on class for a semester without smiling?

it could mean she likes u or that she just is looking at something else

Does he like you if he always stares into your eyes?


What does it mean when a boy stares at you when your not looking and stares into your eyes and is nice to you but he never talks to you and he has a girlfriend does he like you?

Yes He Does Likes You

How do you tell if a gay guy likes you?

he always stares at you

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