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Its obvious he likes you

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When a girl turns when your looking at her but stares when your not looking means she does like you. The girl is just a little shy.

A girl will always talk about him and stares at him or looking for him

he may like you ur think youre weird

Most likely but be carefully if he looking all the time because he could be a bit crazy.

He always stares at you when your not looking .when he talks to you he strares into your eyes he always tells you that he beat up a guy ( if he is a hotty skatter dude !)

Well. sometimes it can happen if he stares at you , and you look at him when he stares he might look away because he can be shy

He constantly stares at you he is always hanging around you He is looking at your lips when he talk to you. He is asking for your MSN

it could mean she likes u or that she just is looking at something else

It means either they like you or he/she knows you like him/her and just want to know if your looking at him/her. I always stare when when I know a guy likes me... But that doesn't always mean I like them back.

If a girl in your class stares at you for a while, is always saying you're cool and stuff, asks how you are, and you always talks to you is most likely that she likes you.

If a girl always stares at you, it means that she is interested in you. Something about you she finds intersting. You should talk to her.

FIRST, ITS KINA WIERD THAT HE JUST STARES AT EVERYBODY LIKE THAT. Secondly, if he smiles only at you, it means he probably likes you.

Yes can lie you and seem interested if he stares at you. Guys don't always have to smile at a girl they like. You will know a guy is interested if he looks or stares at you for more than 4 seconds.

Means nothing. It could be she isn't even looking at you.

Answer: Depends on what video youre looking for?

It depends on what store youre looking to work at.

you have something on your face. or you look pretty.

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