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You need to get the temperature sensor repaired or, more likely, replaced.

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Q: What if the external temperature is not reading?
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What is external stimuli?

The temperature.

Name the location in the body of temperature receptors that monitor the external temperature?

The body contains temperature receptors which monitor external temperature in order to regulate body temperature. These special temperature receptors are located in the skin.

How would you use external in a sentence?

The external temperature of the pot was 100 degrees.

Air temperature sensor important?

An air temperature sensor in an automobile is very important. The temperature sensor detects the external temperature. The external temperature is important because of the manner in which the car's computer mixes air and water.

Problem with ac function because of an error in the external air temperature sensor in your Grand Prix gtp 99?

The computer monitors the outside temperature through the sensor and will not activate the a/c when the temperature reading is too cold. It is not an expensive part but shop labour can be expensive. With the sensor replaced and reading proper the a/c function should return to normal. Hope this helps. "G"

Why does the temperature reading have an OC inplace of the temperature?


Is cold blooded animals external?

Actually, Cold-blooded animals do not maintain a constant body temperature so their body fluctuates based on external temperature.Answer: It is considered as external (if that's what you mean).

What are two examples of external stimuli?

Two examples of external stimuli are pain, and temperature.

How is celsius temperature reading converted to a kelvin temperature reading?

Add 273.15 to convert degrees Celsius to Kelvin.

Is the body temperature of every person 37 C?

No, this varies from person to person, but is within +/- 0.5 degrees celcius of this figure. In fact, the temperature reading on a medical thermometer may vary depending on where the reading is taken. For example, an auxiliary (armpit) reading will give a lower temperature reading then a rectal reading, just as an oral reading will be different to a temporal reading.

Are humans cold blodded?

No, humans are warm blooded. Cold blooded animals can change their internal temperature to match the external temperature, while warm blooded animals maintain a high internal temperature regardless of the external temperature. The reason why humans have sweat glands is to cool your body when the external temperature is high.

What is a normal temperature reading?


What is the proper way of reading the temperature of a liquid in a temperature?

The temperature is readed on the scale under the meniscus.

Why must you read the temperature without removing the thermometer from the the solution?

The thermometer reading will change from reading the solution temperature.

What is external indicator?

an external indicator is a device that indicates something like temperature measurement which can be used outside / externally

Which temperature reading is same on both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales?

At -40

What formula should you use to convert a celsius temperature reading to a Fahrenheit temperature reading?

Apply the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion in revers: Multiply Celsius temperature with 9 and divide it by five. Then, add 32 = Fahrenheit temperature.

At what temperature is the reading on the Celsius scale equal to the reading on the Fahrenheit scale?

At -40 degrees.

The temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to the external pressure is the what?

The temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to the external pressure is the boiling point. Evaporation is when vaporization of an uncontained liquid occurs.

The temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid has a external pressure of 1 ATM is the?

When the vapor pressure of a liquid has an external pressure of 1 atmosphere, we call that temperature the boiling point at sea level.

Where should a temperature reading be taken?


What is a normal temperature in celsius?

The normal body temperature is between 36.5 degrees Celsius and 37 degrees Celsius. The most accurate reading of body temperature is through a rectal thermometer reading.

Reading is to the Mind What Exercise is to the Body?

a story interneal or external is often mans home.

What biological creature gets colder the hotter the temperature gets?

An Exothermic or cold blooded creatures internal temperature fluctuates with it external temperature.

What causes internal body temperature to rise?

Infection or external heat will do it.