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The question is unclear. However, in general, child support is a percentage of net income. When calculating support for younger children, support actually ordered and paid for older children is subtracted from net income. The amount of support is generally not affected by the presence of children with whom the obligor is living.

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Do many married women cheat?

Yes. I was with my husband for 20 years, married 13 years with 2 children - 8 and 11. I had an affair. He was also married. Very strong emotional affair, which turned to a physical affair over time. I ended up deciding to end my marriage. The affair was not the cause of the problems in my marriage, but more a result of them.

Who is Julie Andrews biological father?

Julie Andrews is the result of an affair her mother had a family friend.

What rights do you have to receive child support for two children whoms father you were not married to?

Child support is the right of the child. Whether two parents were married or not does not make a difference in both parents being financially responsible for any children that were the result of a relationship.

What if you have children together but no parental rights of children get a divorce?

The court considers the biological parent(s) to be the parents regardless of marital status. HOWEVER - some states consider the marital husband to be the 'legal father' of the child even if the child is the result of an adulterous affair by the wife/mother.

Can a married man ask for joint legal custody of a child that he had as a result of an affair?

First, he is considered the same as a single father under these circumstances, so he has not parental rights to begin with, so he must first petition the courts for a right to see the child. see links below

What was Jesus' grandmother's name?

Ann St Ann was married to St Joachim, Marys father. The couple had no children for many years causing Ann to turn to prayer. Eventually she concieved and the result was the Virgin Mary.

Does the husband need to be served in order for the court to ask for child support from the biological father?

If this involves a case where the child is the result of an affair, and does not reside in a putative father state in which the husband would be the presumed father, he would not be served. see related article below

Who is Mathew Swaggarts biological father wasnt he the result of an affair?

It was common knowledge that Debbie did have an affair along the same time, as her pregnancy with Mathew. The Swaggarts will never concede, they would kill 1st, rather then to ever admit there could be a problem here

What was the result of the xyz affair?

America built up its navy.

Baby daddy is in the army hes divorced and we have a child together why is he still giving her support and why hasn't our child recived any benefits is it cause he is still married to her?

First, due to the large number of false paternity claims, the military is not as open to accepting a claim from a woman who was not married to the man. Also, if you had an affair with a married man, for you to get any benefits means he must admit to the affair, which could result in a discharge.

Where is Trey Robinson son of Smokey Robinson?

Smokey Robinson's son Trey, was born in 1984 as the result of an affair he had while still married. Trey has kept out of the spotlight and keeps his life private.

Is Carole King married?

No, Carole King is not married. She has been married: Gerry Goffin 1960-1968, 2 children, marriage ended in divorce Charles Larkey 1970-1976, 2 children, marriage ended in divorce Rick Evers 1977-1978, no children, marriage ended as a result of Ever's death Rick Sorenson 1982-1989

Did Robert Koch have children when he moved to lille?

Robert Koch may never have been to Lille ( I don't know for sure, but I have never seen that mentioned. He may have been mixed up with the other Father of Microbiology, Louis Pasteur.) Robert Koch had two children, though, Gertrud (in 1865) and, (unrecordedly) Ausma, who may have been conceived as a result of an affair or through his marriage with Hedwig Freiberg.

Can I have a brief declamation of Hamlet?

Hamlet's father was King, but then killed by Hamlet's uncle. Hamlet's mom then married the King's brother. Hamlet was visited by his father's ghost, and as a result wanted to expose the killer of his father.

As a direct result of the XYZ affair?

relations between France and America deteriorated

What was the significance of the Sumner-Brooks affair?

the civil war started as a result of this

Why do some parents that are short end up having extremely tall children even though most of the family members on both sides are overall short?

== == One or both parents have a recessive gene for 'tallness'. Or, more probable answer: The biological father is someone else than the one parenting. It's proven that statistically more than 16% of all children are raised by someone who are NOT their biological father. Small people cheat just as much as 'normal' sized people do of course, so most probably that 5' mother had an affair with a tall dude and the tall child is the result of that affair. Remember, one out of six (!) children all over the world are being parented NOT by their biological father. Any woman willing to comment on the statistically proven fact? Thought not. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Was Carole King ever married to James Taylor?

No.She's currently married to a man named Rick Sorenson. She's also been married 3 previous times:Gerry Goffin 1960-1968, 2 children, marriage ended in divorceCharles Larkey 1970-1976, 2 children, marriage ended in divorceRick Evers 1977-1978, no children, marriage ended as a result of Ever's deathRick Sorenson 1982-present, no childrenNo, Carole King and James Taylor were never married.She's currently married to a man named Rick Sorenson. She's also been married 3 previous times:Gerry Goffin 1960-1968, 2 children, marriage ended in divorceCharles Larkey 1970-1976, 2 children, marriage ended in divorceRick Evers 1977-1978, no children, marriage ended as a result of Ever's deathRick Sorenson 1982-present, no children

Is an emotional affair something to worry about?

To have an emotional affair is a serious problem that needs to be concern about. It's not like buying a furniture and if we don't like it, we can return it. Emotional affair is and can ruin marriages and family. Most married men will say they are not doing anything wrong, "only friendship" or they are not having an affair because there's no sex involve. The reality is man or woman who have this connection to another person other than their spouse are already having deep feelings to this person and it will not stop. So if this is where you are now, its time for you to really think whether your family in not important anymore to your heart. Good luck! ADDITION: From my own personal experience the man I married had emotional affair with the woman he met on a dating site. He never cared because all he wanted was to find a friends,( women's friend). The result of his emotional affair was having a second life without his family knowing. No matter how or why if we can rebuild our marriage, it will not be the same anymore, finding out that he can fall in love with this married woman, ( now divorce) within 3 weeks, that is all I need to know to let him go and have my life on my own with my children.

When did US declare war on Mexico?

On 13 May 1846 as a result of the Thornton Affair.

What was the result of the Dreyfus affair?

radical republicans gained control, and the church and state were separated

Does a married man have to sign birth certificate affair result in RI?

He doesn't have to; however, the other parent will presumably seek child support sooner or later, and he will be asked to acknowledge paternity or undergo genetic testing at that time.

If the father has type A blood and mother type O and they have childred with type A are they Diploid haploid Heterozygous or Homozygous?

all type A children born in this condition are A heterozygous . there is two possibilities with the father genes but both give us the same result, since we don't know the father blood type is hetero or homo : if Father is Hetero : 1- Father(IAi --> A) and Mother(ii --> O), the Children are 50% of the kids will be O 50% of the kids will be A ( hetero) if Father is Homo : 2- Father(IAIA --> A) and Mother(ii --> O), the Children are 100% of the kids will be A ( hetero) so in both cases weither the father is homo or hetero, children will be hetero, because of the mother blood type.

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