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Hubble was first and foremost designed to be serviced in space, unlike other satellites. However, if it was in a geosynchronous orbit on the dark side of the moon, we couldn't communicate with it due to the radio blackout that occurs.

Hubble's instruments also compensate for ambient orbital light, and many observations are taken when Hubble is in orbit on the dark side of the Earth.

The James Webb Space Telescope (originally named the Next Generation Space Telescope), the follow-on to HST, will however take advantage of lower light conditions by orbiting at the Sun-Earth Lagrange (L2) point, which is out past the Moon's orbital path. The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, Herschel Space Observatory and Planck space observatory are already in orbit at the Sun-Earth L2 point.

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Q: What if the hubble telescope was on the dark side of the moon. i say this because the telescope then wont have the reflections of light from our planet from the sun?
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The Hubble is in orbit around planet earth.

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The Hubble telescope satellite.

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That means that the telescope is on planet Earth, as opposed to a planet in outer space, like the Hubble Telescope, the Planck Telescope, the Chandra Telescope, etc.It is a telescope based on our earth

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It orbits around our planet, Earth.

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Mercury orbits very close to the Sun and looking near to the Sun could damage the telescope.

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