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What if the parent is not really there for the kids do I need his permission to move out of state?

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Yes. Only the court can decide if his efforts is not enough.

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Can mother take kids out of state an hide them from dad?

If the final divorce decree stipulates joint legal custody, neither parent can take the children out of state without the others permission.

What can a father do if the mother of his children took the kids and moved to another state without his permission?

What can a father do if the mother of. His children took the kids and moved to another state without permission.

Can the custodial parent take the children out of state with out the non custodial parents knowledge and not let the father know where they are or speak to them at all?

In Michigan, the custodial parent can't move the kids more than 100 miles away from the other parent and can't go out of state, even for a vacation, without permission from the court

Can you loose custody of your kids if you move from one coast to the other one?

If without the permission of the parent or the courts.

Can a parent move kids out of state without the other parents consent?

yes I'm sure they can. but the parent that took the kids out of state can e tooken to court by the other parent and try to get custody nd then it wont be legal

Can your daughter who is 14 years go and see doctor without parent permission?

nothere only 14 that would be like one of your kids getting a tatoo with out a parents permission.

What the town the kids from hogswarts go to?

Third years and older can go to Hogsmeade on the weekends, if they have permission from a parent or legal guardian.

What Good reasons to move from one parent and state to another state without one parent?

Generally its intent is to take the kids and have 100% control.

I was never married to my kids father In Louisiana do I need permission to take my kids out of state?

im assuming that there wasnt ever any custody case so no you dont need any permission. but if you or him have gone to court for any type of custody then you will need permission

Put ambition in a sentence?

My true ambition an what I really wish to be is a good parent for my kids.

Can you take the kids to another state if the father pays child support?

If you want to move to another state you will need his and the courts permission.

What if a non-custodial parent leaves the state?

It's legal for him to leave the state unless he has the kids with him and custodial parent do not consent for them to leave the state. He can be charged with kidnapping. If the non-custodial parent moves out of state, he or she must continue to pay child support. Also, visitation rights may be affected if the non-custodial parent lives far from the custodial parent.

How old do you have to be to drink alcohol if you are with your parent in Mississippi?

16 with parental guidance. Of course you can drink without a parent there, but you can get in trouble by the law if you get caught. You have to have permission before you do it. To all the 16 year old kids out there, i wish you luck.

Can a mother take kids out of state after divorce?

If the mother is the permanent carer of the child,they must get permission from the father first.

Can you take your kids to a psychologist if you have joint custody and their father disagrees?

Joint legal custody, no, not if the other parent objects. You must secure their permission or failing that, the permission of the court which is the only authority that may override a parent's objections in such a situation.

What is the parent function?

Parent are the ideal to their kids . They have to provide peaceful , educative envoirnment to their kids. .

How can you get permission from a judge to take your kids out of state for a vacation if your ex denies permission?

Though not necessarily required, if the other parent is against the trip, AND provided the trip is not going to interfere with the other parents access rights, it would be best to have a judge sign off on it to avoid a last minute injunction. Even if permission were given, it should be notarized and taken to the Clerk of the Court to be certified, copied, and the original placed in the case file.

Is the father of children who has physical custody of children allowed to move kids to another state because of military?

Provided that the mother still lives in the state of current jurisdiction, he will need her permission, or the permission of the courts. Plus, access rights will need to be renegotiated. See below for an example of an order I teach father to use when a mother wants to move away with the kids.

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