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Check that you are getting voltage from the thermocouple. You should see about 600 millivolts.

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How can you contact Teledyne Laars to get a manual for an LLG heater?

I cannot find a current listing for Teledyne Laars. As far as I can tell, Teledyne and Laars separated, Laars joined up with Waterpik and then got reorganized under Jandy. now has the Laars Lite2 line of pool heaters with the LG model almost identical to the Teledyne Laars LLG. You can access the manual at . Jandy also has a parts list for older discontinued models.

How can you find a manual for a Teledyne Laars E5520 pool heater?

Try this link Ken

To download a Teledyne Laars pool heater manuel model?

Where can you get a manual for a teledyne laars series 1 natural gas pool heater?

go to their website and support and download it

A teledyne laars series 2 model esg pool heater manual?

Pool heaters are needed to help keep the pool water at a comfortable temperature. A Teledyne laars series 2 model esg pool manual is usually available with the manufacture.

Where can you obtain an wiring diagram for a EG250 Teledyne Laars gas pool heater?

You might want to try k

How can you get a manual for a Teledyne Laars XL-3 pool heater?

Here is the file

Where can I find a wiring diagram for Teledyne Laars Series 2 ESG 325K propane pool heater?

Try google

Where can you find a part for a jvt-100c teledyne laars water heater boiler?

You can find every part you need for your boiler at

Is the pilot light bad when it produces 200mv at the maximum temperature setting but won't start the burners on a Teledyne pool heater?

I was told by Teledyne Laars that your pilot generator needs to produce at least 500mv to open the gas valve. Mine makes 350mv and will not open the valve. Hmm, I think that should be nearer to 600 mv - 700 mv.

How would you get a manual for a teledyne laars series one propane 325 heater its not on the jandy website?

Write or inquire thru that web site for a manual to be sent to you. k

Why does my Teledyne-laars pool heater comes on for 15 seconds and then go off?

Probably a bad sensor. Have a professional diagnose the problem. It can be very dangerous for untrained to work on gas appliances.

New Teledyne Laars gas pool heater Can you tell me what the initial startup process is?

Use the manual provided with the heater. Each heater has somewhat different controls etc. If everything is already hooked up you may just have to turn a switch or two and turn up the thermostat.

What is a firefighter's switch on a teledyne laars pool heater?

it makes sure the heater is shut down BEFORE the pump does. It is very important if the heater runs without the pump running the water will boil in the lines and burn out the heater. I know this because my electrician didnt wire mine correctly and that's what happened to me. BYE BYE 2,500 heater

How do you light jvt-50c teledyne laars gas heater?

Lighting this heater appears to have a number of warning messages associated with it. It is typically best to go to the source for such things, so see the link below for the manual PDF file. Look at page 29.

Can you convert the Teledyne Laars Series 1 from natural gas to propane gas?

Oder the part from the company, a different orifice

Is there a GFI in a Laars pool heater?

Use the link below to look at a Laars manual to see if one is included.

How do I determine the gas consumption rate for my Teledyne Laars series1 pool heater I am trying to figure out how much this thing is costing me during the winter months in Arizona?

Contact your local gas company. The phone number is on your bill. Free call.

Is the thermocoupler bad if a Teledyne Laars series 1 EPG 250 pool heater pilot light ignites and burns high but does not light the burners?

It could be it. The pilot generator may be weak. The Valve could be defective. The High limit or other safties could also be defective. Could be corrosion on the connection. could be a water flow broblem. could be a weak flame

How do you repair a Teledyne Laars epc 400 pool heater leak?

If the leak is in the copper fins/heat exchanger : replace the exchanger, gaskets etc Not a job for someone who is not familiar with pool heater construction and service. If the leak is at the inlet or outlet you may have to remove those fittings and replace woth new ones.

Does a Teledyne-laars series 2 hi limit switch blow like a fuse or reset once the water temp goes below the safety threshold?

It blows like a fuse once it reaches a certain temp and must be replaced.

Why does a teledyne laars pool heater fire but does not generate hot water?

Assuming the heater is running properly, is sized correctly the filter is clean it could possibly mean that the run time for the pump is not sufficient. How long is the filter/pump running? The water returning to the pool may not feel "hot" to the touch and shouldn't. Ken

On a teledyne laars natural gas pool heater it heats up the water in the spa to about 95 degrees then the burner will turn off the next day it will do the same thing?

Spa not getting to temp? Could be a dirty filter. Could be a high limit switch or other component.

My Teledyne Laars propane pool heater won't come on any more The pool pump sucked in some air and I forgot to shut off the heater As I tried to get the pump going the heater came on and shut off?

As the water begins to flow within the system, the components inside the heater compartment ( the pressure switch)senses that flow and if your heater is calling for heat it will fire. When that water ceases to flow those same sensors tell the heater to stop firing. Built in safety devices. Ken

Why would a Teledyne Laars heater thermostat allow you to light pilot light but not allow you to turn it on?

Have you rotated the gas valve knob to "run". Have you turned up the thermostat? Is the pump running? No pump water flow - no heat -- no filtration. Is the filter clean? When was the last time you cleaned the filter? Ken