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Check that you are getting voltage from the thermocouple. You should see about 600 millivolts.

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Q: What if the pilot on your teledyne laars epg 250 pool heater will not stay lit and you have just replaced the pilot generator?
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How can you contact Teledyne Laars to get a manual for an LLG heater?

I cannot find a current listing for Teledyne Laars. As far as I can tell, Teledyne and Laars separated, Laars joined up with Waterpik and then got reorganized under Jandy. now has the Laars Lite2 line of pool heaters with the LG model almost identical to the Teledyne Laars LLG. You can access the manual at . Jandy also has a parts list for older discontinued models.

How can you find a manual for a Teledyne Laars E5520 pool heater?

Try this link Ken

To download a Teledyne Laars pool heater manuel model?

How can you get a manual for a Teledyne Laars XL-3 pool heater?

Here is the file

Where can you get a manual for a teledyne laars series 1 natural gas pool heater?

go to their website and support and download it

Where can you obtain an wiring diagram for a EG250 Teledyne Laars gas pool heater?

You might want to try k

A teledyne laars series 2 model esg pool heater manual?

Pool heaters are needed to help keep the pool water at a comfortable temperature. A Teledyne laars series 2 model esg pool manual is usually available with the manufacture.

Where can I find a wiring diagram for Teledyne Laars Series 2 ESG 325K propane pool heater?

Try google

Where can you find a part for a jvt-100c teledyne laars water heater boiler?

You can find every part you need for your boiler at

How would you get a manual for a teledyne laars series one propane 325 heater its not on the jandy website?

Write or inquire thru that web site for a manual to be sent to you. k

Is the pilot light bad when it produces 200mv at the maximum temperature setting but won't start the burners on a Teledyne pool heater?

I was told by Teledyne Laars that your pilot generator needs to produce at least 500mv to open the gas valve. Mine makes 350mv and will not open the valve. Hmm, I think that should be nearer to 600 mv - 700 mv.

Why does my Teledyne-laars pool heater comes on for 15 seconds and then go off?

Probably a bad sensor. Have a professional diagnose the problem. It can be very dangerous for untrained to work on gas appliances.

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